Sat 6 Jan 2018 5:15PM

New Proposed Goal for 2018: Democratically governed cooperatives will take 25% of the economy and gdp.

JB Jonathan Bean Public Seen by 352

I think we need a collective vision and quantitative goal. We all want to see the p2p movement flourish. What quantitative and qualitative goals ought we to have for 2018 and next 7 years? :slight_smile:


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Which goals should we focus on in 2018? Closed Sun 14 Jan 2018 4:04AM

Add your preferred goals or vote on some already proposed.


Results Option % of points Points Mean Voters
Increase market share of cooperatives 10% 77.8% 7 3.5 2
GDP of p2p cooperatives and organizations will be 25% of Global GDP. 22.2% 2 1.0 2
Undecided 0% 0 0 52

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Michel Bauwens Sun 7 Jan 2018 7:59AM

how do we judge its realism,

I think the average weight of the cooperative economy is about 15% in OECD countries, but these include all kinds of coops,

are there any observatories that show this in a more systematic way ?

copying the expert of the Coop des Communs, Nicole Alix,