Wed 21 Mar 2018 5:48PM

Hiring someone new to chase down bugs in our DApp

GG Griff Green Public Seen by 205

Curious to hear your thoughts on making an official outreach effort for React Devs to commit at least part time to polishing the DApp and closing issues.


Griff Green Wed 21 Mar 2018 5:53PM

I think it would be great to have an outsider who can make closing issues their main task... I expect it will distract the DApp team a bit, especially at first, as he needs to be trained and all that, but even in the medium term i think it will help us get to a place where the DApp is useable MUCH faster (maybe even by months) if we can get this started asap.


Kay Wed 21 Mar 2018 5:54PM

Big Yay! I created the ReactJS task force team today on GitHub - please join here:

The original purpose of the task force is to improve projects with a small scope like donation-leaderboard and wall-of-fame but can be used by the DApp team as well.


Kay Thu 22 Mar 2018 9:54AM

Fresh off the coffee presses! If you consider contributing to the DApp, you might want to check out a video interview I made with Satya earlier where he walks me through the codebase of the DApp frontend.

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