Reshare old posts with (new) contacts

ML Michael Lamberti Public Seen by 58

Hey, I'm new here and got my own pod running for me and my family, as I wanted a place to share private memories online. Currently I'm trying to convince them to join and explain the system one after another.

One problem is, that as there are no public posts their feeds are empty and they missed all the previous posts.

As the wiki states, posts are only shared with the aspects' members at time of writing, new contacts can't see old posts. Related github issues are 6596 and 5905.

As jhass states there the current design is to avoid accidental leak of data. I like that and don't want to change it, but I'd like the abillity to activly make posts visible to more people later on without having to repost it. And regarding this I'm not alone.

As far as I understand the database layout, once a post is submitted it's visibillity is determined on a per-user basis, the aspects it was posted to are not stored. Thus it should be easy to make a single post visible for a new contact, while it's impossible to select all posts by aspect.

So to make it easier to select and reshare old posts some kind of activity log, perhaps with tag-filter would be great (select all #tag posts and share with contact xy).

It should be possible to federate old posts to remote pods when granting access, to, or?

Another idea that goes hand in hand is that I want to share a post with specific persons only, not whole aspects. (Currently I would have to create a new aspect per post/person I want to share to to achieve this, that's not intuitive)

So to sum it up:

  • Select persons as well as aspects while writing posts
  • Make posts visible to more persons/aspects later
  • Have a filterable activity/post log

Please not that I'm not trying to revoke access to posts, just granting it to even more users.


Elm Mon 13 Mar 2017 7:39AM

Hi, I totally agree with you and have the same problem with new familly members or friends joining up…