NatGat Shirts: Screen Printing as Fundraising/OutReach

T Tricia Public Seen by 56

How about a fundraising campaign -with Phases and a calendar?
We have good fundraising language in one if the emails for direct asks, there's a fiscal sponsor and a donate button for online donations

Maybe schedule two hashtag driven "pledge drives" where we give a T-shirt as a "thank you gift"?


Sally G Mon 12 May 2014 4:19PM

Where do we get T-shirts?
Hmm, that reminds me; we had a request for “swag” from someone who was going to an event in early July, I believe it was—new discussion?


Jackie Sun 18 May 2014 1:07AM

i love the idea of a fundraising campaign & calendar - happy to help with docs, emails, etc. once details are figured out.

details like where to get t-shirts, cost, etc. etc. I don't know that stuff.

also makes me wonder if this has been done in occupy - i should know this but am blank. I know the idea of OSN selling the ballerina posters was widely disliked. thank you for a donation is a little different, but really just in wording.

another cool donation thank you would be the patch - let's try to get that patch idea mvoing fwd.


Sally G Sun 18 May 2014 2:00PM

Radix Media is the combination of OWS Screenprinting, OccuCopy, and Radix Media; that would be our most likely source. I also work with North Jersey Friendship House, a sheltered workshop, which has a price of $5 for T-shirts or baseball caps. There is a $25 set-up fee for the baseball-cap embroidery. I agree that selling products is something that must be done carefully; I bought a T-shirt at NatGat 1, but was told during planning for NatGat 2 that the sales were a real headache. We had a few folks stencilling items last year, but did not charge (recipient provided the T-shirt, etc.; we had just stencil and paint).


Sally G Sun 18 May 2014 2:01PM

Radix Media is union; Friendship House is not, but provides work/day program for developmentally, physically, emotionally disabled folks.


Sea Sun 18 May 2014 3:13PM

Sally, I'm puting your above comment in the "Sociology ... " discussion.


Julia Clark Mon 19 May 2014 1:47PM

There should be a downloadable stencil available. Maybe with instructions on how to do a stencil
With some sort of wording, maybe, suggesting it can be used for fund raising and solidarity, or some such.


Sally G Tue 17 Jun 2014 12:21AM

Calling all artists! Can we get a basic logo that can be used to create a stencil? We had one in Kalamazoo—sadly, I never got anything stencilled, but it is a great idea.


Justin Mon 23 Jun 2014 4:27AM

I'm apart of the #OWS Screen Printers Guild. When we come up with a design we all agree on we can go from there.

Almost there.. Check the convo here & I'll start on the designs. ;)


Screen is $25 Nat Gat Keeps & is only one to use or we can work something out where we invite the screen printers and they share the design.

Occupy has a culture of Live Screen Printing be awesome to share it again at Nat Gat- either by us or by the OWS NYC Guild.

Our choice in the end.


Julia Clark Fri 27 Jun 2014 6:29AM

Stencil and spray paint works for most,
but the perk one , anything official is always cool to get they do not have to be fancy.
Both Wikileaks and I use https://jcorg.spreadshirt.com/
There is not much profit in them, they are mainly about promotion. and I suppose you can buy and send as part of swag...I do not see why you could not...


Sally G Mon 30 Jun 2014 3:27AM

Spreadshirt looks very interesting; orders placed today would arrive in California on or about July 7, so we have time, but not much. They do not pay commission on spereadshirt stores until the end of the quarter, so we missed in that sense—would have been nice to have money coming in now! Prices look good for bulk order; I did not check the individual prices. Do we think we can sell 50 shirts on the ground? Is it worth the effort? I loved buying a shirt at NatGat 2012, but I think I remember folks saying later that it was a hassle for Occupy Philadelphia. @triciafromphilly ?
Does it make any sense to set this up for direct sales to individuals with spreadsheet (darn, I did that when I tried to find them; spreadSHIRT!) hosting our free or premium store?


Tricia Mon 30 Jun 2014 7:58AM

I didn't handle the shirts, but think it was considered a hassle because people didn't want to have to pay for them. Steve C ended up giving a lot of them away


Justin Tue 1 Jul 2014 5:24AM

Keep it simple, stick with known practices.

We make a design, create a screen ($25 Bucks), buy ink (30-60 bucks) & offer to do live screen printing on patches & shirts people bring to Nat Gat.

Least risk of loosing money in my OWS experience.


Sally G Tue 1 Jul 2014 4:41PM

@justin2 That works for me; we need to ensure that we have a design and that someone will take responsibility for making it happen. Should we make a formal budget proposal, or wait until we have both of the above? Nicholas (Larsen?) offered to make a logo on another discussion; I do not remember his name here to call out.


Julia Clark Tue 1 Jul 2014 8:12PM


Julia Clark Tue 1 Jul 2014 8:13PM


Julia Clark Tue 1 Jul 2014 8:13PM


Julia Clark Tue 1 Jul 2014 8:13PM


Julia Clark Tue 1 Jul 2014 8:16PM


Julia Clark Tue 1 Jul 2014 8:22PM

Swag for NG3 - stenciled and ready for use.

The background is clear. You can either print them on your printers


Send them to the t-shirt printers

Or make a stencil and spray paint them in responsible legal places. ;-)


Julia Clark Tue 1 Jul 2014 9:41PM

I am going to remove my full recommendation for spread shirt. I noticed an issue, until I look into it further and receive feedback from the site and other persons of interest, I cannot fully recommend them.
I am not pulling them from my shelves as of yet, but it is possible I will.


Justin Wed 2 Jul 2014 2:30AM

Julia, maybe you are not aware of Occupy's tradition of Silk Screening?

It's low cost & the designs last longer that iron ons.

With a screen print of our own we only print what is needed & no risk of getting stuck with Logo Gear unsold afterwards.

Keep it simple & with proven tools has always worked for #OWS in NYC.

With a custom screen we can print on anything people bring- patches are a fav at OWS events.

Here's a peek at how we've done things in the past:



Julia Clark Wed 2 Jul 2014 3:13AM

Maybe you do not know my tradition of diy

Anyone is welcome to print and iron the design onto their clothes. It is a good an practical way to have an event shirt. No talent other than ironing required. Quick too

Another way is to stencil. This is great if you want to make a couple to give away or fund yourself with...
You can make a stencil from rubbish! Very cost effective and upcycles!

You can also contribute to the JCO to make you a t-shirt. :-) There is a wait time , of course, but I will sign and number the product, if you want...

The designs are free for your use or you can contribute to the JCO and help keep the #ccc going. Thx! bye!
Or justin makes screenprints.


Julia Clark Wed 2 Jul 2014 3:16AM

BTW justin I do not visit tumblr... Yahoo bought it...
I am glad for the creator of tumblr, but it was still bought by yahoo. You can read about the tumblr buyout sadness on JuliaClark.org


Jackie Sun 28 Sep 2014 4:32AM

Hi Everybody!

Apologies for not getting this out soon after NatGat.

If anyone who couldn't make it would still like a T-shirt, Mario is willing to ship them out. Mario Galvan, Occupy Sac, Zapatistas, graphic designer, created and donated the t-shirts and his time in many roles during the final stage planning and on the ground. Thanks Mario!

Donations above the costs of printing and mailing will go to the NatGat fund.

On that note, The finance team is closing in on a final report :) It looks like about $1000 left for the next natgat. all reimbursements have been paid. It's pretty amazing the level of mutual aid occupiers practice!

NatGat 2014 T-shirts for sale
(Large and Extra-large Only)

Donation: $20.00
(Price includes shipping)

Send a check or money order (payable to the same) to:

    Mario Galvan
    5021 Gladys Ct.
    Carmichael, CA 95608

Be sure to include your return address!

Supplies are limited; first come, first served!


Jackie Sun 28 Sep 2014 4:34AM

p.s. I'm not int he main group anymore - would someone post this to the larger group?