Thu 13 Sep 2018 11:57AM

Fall 2018: Events in real estate ecosystem (preliminary Boston list)

BW Bill Wendel Public Seen by 13

Preview of housing events this Fall in Boston -- what are we missing? #RE2020 invites collaborators to use MIT's uLab to help provide structure to our efforts to transform the real estate ecosystem:

9/13: MIT's Transforming Capitalism Lab Livestream (10am, let us know if you want to watch together at ImpactHubBOS or elsewhere):

9/20: MIT's uLab MOOC Livestream

#RE2020 forming Hub or Coaching Circle as we did Fall 2017:


9/20-23: YIMBYtown annual conference

9/21-23: CoHousing New England

9/27: MARealtors annual convention in Worcester

9/28-30: TinyHouse Festival

9/30: Capitalism Redefined: Wealth, Inequality & Ethics

10/8-11: ULI Fall Meeting

10/8-14: HUBweek

10/9: Only session on housing

10/23-24: 2018 Smart Growth America LOCUS New England Summit

11/2-5: National Association of Realtors in Boston (20,000 expected)

#RE2020 will deconstruct the Realtor's #DangerReport over the 50 days before #NARinBos18, one slide per day

In DC, the #DoorsOfMakeRoom exhibit just opened, maybe we can explore/do some art as activism, too. I've been collecting LARGE cardboard boxes in a carriage house in Lynn where a least one graffiti artist now living in a tent might want to join us.