Tue 6 Feb 2018 4:33AM

Let's get started

S Soenke Public Seen by 325

Hello. It's been very quiet in here but things have still been going on in the background a little bit. After a very busy spring and early summer I have now got some time, to take the project further.

We are here together in this group because we have all been to one of the previous time banking meetings and got excited about it. We have collectively decided on a software system, "Time and Talents", that is free and appears to be very good. While setting it up, I have made a few executive decisions about what kind of information our time bank is going to ask from members, if we are going to charge membership fees, what happens if members are inactive or their account is far in "overdraft", how members are being vetted ect.
As guidelines in the decision making process I have been looking at the least intrusive, simplest, most common sense approach. I believe that we now have a workable base from where we can start from and with your feedback we will be able to fine- tune it and make it really good. There are 21 of us here in this group and
I would like to invite you to follow the link at the bottom of this post and sign up and use this forum here to ask questions and make comments. I imagine that after a couple of weeks or so, we might want to meet, share our experience, maybe have a shared meal together and open our time bank up to the wider public, if we think that we are ready for it.
Happy trading!