Mon 18 Mar 2013 7:58PM

Communication and Marketing Team

RJ Raphaël Jadot Public Seen by 268

According to our statutes:

The purpose of the association OpenMandriva is:

  • the creation, enhancement, promotion and distribution of free software and open source in general, and in particular OpenMandriva projects;
  • promoting free exchange of knowledge and access to all software and development, for personal, commercial, educational or scientific use. The effort needed to perform our goal to spread and achieve an outcome that is both productive and effective strongly depends on our communication and Marketing team.

The effort needed to perform this purpose and achieve effective outcomes strongly rely on the Communication and Marketing Team. Its purpose is about recognizing the different types of communication, understanding people's beliefs, keeping the message simple and spread it.

Function of the team leader

It's not necessarily having the best skills of communication, but having a good knowledge of team members skills and aspirations, of tools and media, and overall vision of messages to spread and people to reach. The team leader coordinates team communication in the most effective way, and if needed makes decisions when the team is indecisive.


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Team coordination Closed Thu 21 Mar 2013 8:20PM

Proposition to give full power to João for organization and coordination as he's doing an amazing job behind the scenes. It would be interesting to formalize this by appointing him Team Leader/coordinator.


Results Option % of points Voters
Agree 88.9% 8 RJ WS AB J KL CS BR VR
Abstain 11.1% 1 JAP
Disagree 0.0% 0  
Block 0.0% 0  
Undecided 0% 5 AK CC R TPG AV

9 of 14 people have voted (64%)


Mon 18 Mar 2013 8:13PM

Absolutely yes, if he agrees!
João, you have to always remember that we support you :)


Kate Lebedeff
Mon 18 Mar 2013 8:17PM

Absolutely yes, and I am looking forward to receiving tasks from him, to be able to help in the right direction!


Wayne Sallee
Mon 18 Mar 2013 8:21PM

Yes I agree.


Raphaël Jadot
Mon 18 Mar 2013 8:33PM

João did a wonderful job for the association, and still does :)


Anurag Bhandari
Tue 19 Mar 2013 2:45AM

It's a yes from me as well. Joao has been proactively going about things, and taking up responsibilities. He's been putting out his thoughts with a good mix of formalism and humor.


João Azevedo Patrício
Tue 19 Mar 2013 9:42AM

I'm the target of this so I abstain.