Wed 13 May 2015 2:41AM

Tech Sector Loomio discussion is closing

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A huge thank you to everyone that has taken the time to read and contribute here on the development of the Christchurch Tech Sector Strategy. We’ve had a great response from what is clearly a very engaged and enthusiastic group of people. This online forum has provided some valuable insights and ideas and has not only helped us to engage with people locally, nationally and internationally, but has also allowed connections and rich conversations to develop between participants.

The consultation phase of the Christchurch Tech Sector Strategy development, including this forum, will close on Tuesday 19th May.

When this Loomio discussion is closed all the information contained here will be made available on the Christchurch Tech Sector Strategy page on the CDC website – we will email a link to all participants on 19 May.

Next steps for the development of the Christchurch Tech Sector Strategy

We will now move on to developing the Christchurch Tech Sector Strategy, using the knowledge gathered from these conversations, the focus groups, discussions with industry leaders and our own research. The next stage of development of the Strategy will be done in consultation with key stakeholders and implementation partners.

The final Strategy will be published on the CDC website in September.

Want to continue your industry discussions?

Although this discussion is finishing, we don’t want to stop the valuable conversations between participants.

While this CDC forum will close on Tuesday 19th May, you as individuals or a group can continue your own discussions by setting up a free Loomio group (https://www.loomio.org/start_group) which, once set up, we can link to from the holding page that will replace the content of this discussion.

You can also join one of the following existing networks:

  • Canterbury Software Cluster a local tech networking group which provide opportunities for business people to connect, learn and be informed about opportunities

  • Christchurch Aspirations LinkedIn network shares information about what is going on around the city and helps connect potential employees, employers and support networks

  • CDC LinkedIn network to receive general news and updates from CDC including events, economic updates and more

Many Thanks
Anna Elphick, Helen Shorthouse, Sheralee MacDonald, Liz Foxwell-Canning, Juan Tesolin, Kylie Yardley