Sun 9 Feb 2020 3:39PM

Feature request: logged out polls

RDB Richard D. Bartlett Public Seen by 168

If you view this poll in an open public group as a logged out visitor, it is not as appealing as it could be.

Suggestion: instead of "You do not have permission to vote in this decision" I think it should at least show the vote results, or preferably the vote buttons should be there. One possible UX: clicking the vote button, opens the sign-in form; you are invisibly added to the group and then you get to vote as a normal group member.


Richard D. Bartlett Sun 9 Feb 2020 3:40PM

@Rob Guthrie I just started a thread and it didn't ask me if I wanted to notify anyone. Is this a bug?


Robert Guthrie Sun 9 Feb 2020 6:21PM

This is all in my roadmap, thanks for bringing it up, I'll try to clarify. Only admins can notify people in the Loomio Community group.


Richard D. Bartlett Mon 10 Feb 2020 10:13AM

make sense. I just noticed the change, and without looking further I thought there was a chance something had broken


Richard D. Bartlett Mon 10 Feb 2020 10:14AM

Also as a group member who has not created a proposal, I want to see who has not voted yet so I can help wrangle the group. This option seems to have disappeared @robertguthrie?


Robert Guthrie Sun 16 Feb 2020 7:28AM

@Greg Kan can you look into putting the notify button back on the poll? It has a "users who have not voted" audience


Greg Kan Sun 16 Feb 2020 10:48PM

@Rob Guthrie it's still there, but only accessible to the poll creator or admins