Mon 12 Oct 2015 9:41PM

Possible alternative to IndieGoGO

DS Danyl Strype Public Seen by 227

I know it's a pain for people to re-open a discussion where decisions have already been made, but if you haven't already committed to IndieGoGo, I think it would be worth considering doing your crowdfunding using Goteo. There just seems to be a much better fit with Pirate values.

> At first glance, Goteo is a platform for civic crowdfunding and collaboration on citizen initiatives and social, cultural, technological and educational projects. Goteo has replicas and alliances in several countries, thanks to its open source code as well as the awards and international recognition it has gathered since 2011. It is a tool for generating resources ‘drop by drop’ for a community of communities consisting of over 65,000 people, with a funding success rate over 70%.

> But in reality, Goteo is so much more. There is a non-profit foundation (with consequent tax advantages for donors) behind the platform, and a multidisciplinary team developing tools and services for co-creation and collective funding. Our commons mission is tightly linked to principles of transparency, progress and societal improvement.


Andrew Reitemeyer Thu 15 Oct 2015 4:59AM

It is certainly something to think about - although one of the main points of Indiegogo is that there is not the all or nothing stipulation - however there is the second round that allows you to improve on a lower target.


Danyl Strype Fri 16 Oct 2015 12:14AM

Fair enough. The two biggest selling points for me with Goteo are:

"Not just about money - crowdsourcing welcome... Lend a hand, a tool, a skill, an online share..".

"We walk the talk of sharing: our software is available under APGL3 license"