Mon 31 Jul 2017 12:12PM

Coming Retreat - Exchange between Agile Community and OuiShare

MH Manel Heredero Public Seen by 131

Hello beautiful people!

In Barcelona are planning a two-day retreat with the Agile community there to do a massive exchange of knowledge between the two networks. They will bring us up to speed with agile methodologies and we will do a couple of our workshops.

Dates to be confirmed. Options on the table are
a. Sep 7th & 8th (Thursday and Friday)
b. Sep 8th & 9th (Friday and Saturday)

Location: Somewhere near Barcelona

Attendees: 8 from each community.

Language: English (unless we are all Spanish people, in which case we will do it in Russian)

Cost prediction: 150 EUR including food, excluding travel costs

Organised by Ignasi Pardo, OSBCN [ignasi.pardo@gmail.com]


Ignasi Pardo Mon 31 Jul 2017 3:11PM

Take a look at the spanish version: