Sun 11 Dec 2016 10:25AM

Managing Twitter

HC Hailey Cooperrider Public Seen by 85

One thing that could help is if the people proposing to buy twitter also look like they'll be able to add value to managing it. Are we actually going to be good enough managers to help them get better at giving users what they want? Or are we just counting on the magic of being a co-op?

One way to test this, is to try to prove it in advance. For example, we've talked about helping Twitter with its trolling problem. Is there some way to:

  • engage users to lobby twitter for some change?
  • raise money from users to do something that doesn't require Twitter's cooperation?
  • sell services to Twitter?

It could generate credibility, group cohesion, future management capability, and revenue.



john gieryn Mon 12 Dec 2016 2:57PM

Thanks for this thread @haileycooperrider; I think this is an important conversation. There's been a lot of resources floating around about social media design, but perhaps less so on codes of conduct and graduated sanctions for such spaces.

My friend Greg Cassel works on an interesting project called "Bridge the Divide"—a facebook group for discussing polarizing issues, across (party) lines, that is of note because of its stringent do everything we can as admins to never have to kick anyone out while maintaining safe(r) space Guidelines. He's co-designed their policies to try and implement an alpha test of the Agreement-Based Organizing framework, a document I peer edited and found as valuable as it is ambitious. It's refreshingly non-prescriptive, but has some intriguing hard-lines around direct consent. Some of it is technologically daunting, but I thought I'd share it as a sense of vision, as some of it is implementable now, and moreover provides a nice context for consent-based (as opposed to consensus) decision-making.

Do others have resources towards this to share?

A fellow Enspiral-er, Craig Ambrose, has been looking at this from a platform design standpoint, and has started up a Loomio called Beyond Social Media Bubbles [invite], for which he made a call out/ letter of intent of sorts throught this medium article, which also includes what he suggests is

the definitive place for collaboration right now [for those fired up about the fake news aspect: this google-doc]


Danny Spitzberg Wed 14 Dec 2016 5:40AM

Hi, @haileycooperrider! This dovetails beautifully with on-the-ground activity in the Bay Area. Specifically, there is a group of organizers plus some new allies who are doing shareholder advocacy -- specifically, showing up in-person. Let me know what you think about the connections you see between your points and the full update I posted, over at https://www.loomio.org/d/TaMWN2LX