Mon 23 Jun 2014 11:24AM

Starting points

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Lets share some basic ideas and background research, get clued up about what this will entail.


Rowan Brooks Mon 23 Jun 2014 11:24AM

This is a great co-op network in the UK.



Rowan Brooks Tue 24 Jun 2014 4:56AM

Real basic research... anyone know of Peterborough Housing Co-op in Christchurch?

they've got 4 houses, with the fences down - looks like the structure we discussed on Sunday night.

and the Otakaro Land Trust who owns them can help fund other coops.: http://www.otakaro.org.nz/

Also, attached is a good basic how to guide from Radical Routes.

Let's start looking for real estate already?


Jesse Doud Tue 24 Jun 2014 10:43AM

This is amazing. @jonlemmon


Jesse Doud Wed 25 Jun 2014 5:48AM

@richarddbartlett check out the Otakaro Land Trust. Do you wanna repeat what you were telling me about the housing co-op group buying land in Wellington? @rowanbrooks


Matthew Bartlett Wed 25 Jun 2014 6:00AM

Mine and six other families are currently figuring out whether we want to build what we're calling a hamlet in Welly using these guys — the Living Ark Trust. See attached chapter from them from the book Homes People Can Afford.


Richard D. Bartlett Wed 25 Jun 2014 6:00AM

Thanks Jesse. My bro @matthewbartlett has been working with an architecture group called Living Ark. He and some church friends are looking at buying some inner city land and putting multiple houses on it with some degree of collectivity. I don't have many details so I've added him to this group to share anything he knows.

I also have a crew of Newtown friends that are starting to think about long term co-housing arrangements, which are probably 1-2 years behind the pace of Matt's group. Seems like a long slow conversation though, so now's a good time to start!


Rowan Brooks Fri 27 Jun 2014 4:06AM

The Living Ark Trust stuff looks really good, though not what I had in mind specifically (not that that is a barrier to anything!).

Personally I'm interested in how a house(s) could be owned by a co-op/trust with residents as members. While they are a resident, co-op members would then also be a part owner of the property they live in. This would allow for the benefits of ownership (lets dig up the lawn! lets get insulation and a heat pump, etc) without a requirement that any individual having large amounts of capital or a mortgage. So while there would be a bit more commitment timewise to living in the house as a member, as far as financial commitment it would be much like a normal rental situation. Rent would go towards paying off loanstock and the co-op's mortgage and towards an upkeep/maintenance fund.

@richarddbartlett do you know where your Newtown friends sit relative to that model? might they be interested in joining this discussion?


Richard D. Bartlett Mon 30 Jun 2014 2:03AM

Thanks @rowanbrooks good to get a bit more context. I've added @hannahmackintosh from Newtown.

Hannah do you want to give us a very rough sketch of what you folk have been talking about?


Jesse Doud Wed 2 Jul 2014 4:01AM

Just added @sofia in here too!


Jon Lemmon Thu 3 Jul 2014 2:40AM

Wow, awesome that the Otakaro Land Trust exists. Also awesome that this group exists. :) Let's keep it going!!


Rowan Brooks Wed 9 Jul 2014 12:30AM

So I talked to some folk from http://www.prometheus.co.nz When I was at the Greener living expo Auckland this weekend, and they reckon they could give up to an 80% loan to buy property as a housing co-op. They're based in Wellington and happy to meet informally to discuss further.

Add that to a potential loan from Otakaro and some loan stock and we're away..!

A working group to research possible repayment/rent pricing models would make approaching them things totally do-able.


Sofia Sat 12 Jul 2014 8:53PM

Thanks @jessedoud for adding me in. I am really keen to learn more around the co-op housing space, but am not ready to set anything up or be heavily involved with a particular group. If people in this group are comfortable, i am happy to just partake in conversations to learn and explore. Thanks


Hannah Mackintosh Sun 20 Jul 2014 6:03AM

@rowanbrooks and everyone else. The 'newtown group' is looking at a structure similar to what @matthewbartlett is thinking about where there is a collection of houses on a piece of land with shared resources and co-ownership of the land but not necessarily the dwellings.

We see it as an extension of the kind of communal living situation that you have when you are flatting which allows people to share resources and support each other as friends in daily life. The difference would be that we aren't all constrained to one room in one house.

We haven't got very far other than slowing gathering a crew who are interested. We have chatted with the Living Ark Trust as well and will be meeting soon to do some brainstorming about what we want this village to look like.

Keen to be connected in with other people who are thinking about the same things.