Wed 5 Apr 2017 8:39AM

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LM Linda McLaughlan Public Seen by 335

Hi all, I will start checking our gmail account regularly, and over time will know who folk are when they get in touch, and how we're all going to work together - but in the meantime, I thought I'd use this thread for questions.@markamery @tinapope thanks for answering emails over the last couple of weeks.


Inahaa TeUrutahi Waikerepuru (Tee) (and also Bernie Wi Neera would like to be involved with the Financial taskforce (specifically to discuss an innovative investment portfolio initiative) - I've forwarded the email onto @kerrenhedlund. @markgalbraith I see you've seen it now too. Does anyone else need to see this email?

Cookie says she'd like to be involved in research. At our last meeting, we didn't discuss research, and although it was a work stream identified at the Feb hui, we haven't got it from our last meeting. Should I add this to our work stream list, do you think @markamery (and anyone else), or make a note to come back to it? Or could we put her down in another work stream?

Gordon Marshall has been in touch - he is running as an MP for Mana and would like to speak to someone from the trust - @tinapope, we have @sylviabagnall, Selina Toumy, Peter Rankin and @grahamcoe down as being interested in the political side of things - who wants to see this email?


Mark Amery Wed 5 Apr 2017 9:34AM

Thanks @lindamclaughlan . I know Te Urutahi and I think need to meet with her with @kerrenhedlund @kerrenhedlund I wonder if we can do next week and I fill you in first?
Neither @tinapope or myself feel it is useful for us to be meeting with an MP candidate for Mana at this stage and as Comms person I recommend we do not reply. Unless any of those mentioned of course feel the inclination and have the time.
Research - I thought this WAS the future financial model stream? Or have I got this wrong @tinapope ? If it is thats the one to send Cookie too. if not we need to discuss how its formed.


Kerren Hedlund Fri 7 Apr 2017 12:12AM

Hi All, I believe we discussed with those interested in research that each work stream could have a researcher, e.g. financial models, trust models, etc. @markgalbraith an my workstream is specific to Raima's house and Kerry is helping us with this. We need to sort out a workplan for Tilley Rd. But @grantnicholls and Jen and I think Mike are interested in looking at a range of financial models. They need to sort out a work plan for them and delegate. If Cookie wants to work with them great! We'll be chatting tonight 6:30 at 38 Parade for those who want to join. It will be a mixed discussion I think on Tilley road AND other financial models.


Mark Amery Fri 7 Apr 2017 1:11AM

great! good call Kerren keep the Research Workstream moving with the korero!