Fri 25 Jun 2021 6:23PM

Certifícate Expired

M Mikelo Public Seen by 77

My mobile app stopped loading social.coop and when I went to the web I discovered it is because the certificate has expired. I imagine this has been picked up on already but mention it here in case not.


Nick Sellen Fri 25 Jun 2021 6:44PM

Should be ok now :)


Mikelo Sat 26 Jun 2021 5:58PM

Thanks for the quick fix.


jonny Wed 23 Mar 2022 2:12AM

bumping, ssl cert expired again 3/22 :(


jonny Wed 23 Mar 2022 2:13AM

need help setting up an autorenew with acme.sh or something?


alain Wed 23 Mar 2022 8:29AM

Is the problem really solved ? I couldn't connect to social.coop and isitdownrightnow.com says the server is down…


jonny Wed 23 Mar 2022 9:10AM

sorry for the confusion, revived an old thread to avoid starting a new one. the ssl cert expired today again, but offering support to devops ppl to set up an autorenewing letsencrypt cert :)


Nick Sellen Wed 23 Mar 2022 9:56AM

just looking into it now! it is an autorewnewing letsencrypt cert, but occasionally there is some reason these things have a hiccup...


Nick Sellen Wed 23 Mar 2022 10:05AM

Should be OK again now... if you want to help investigate further what happened, jump into the matrix chat --> https://matrix.to/#/#socialcoop-tech:matrix.org


alain Wed 23 Mar 2022 5:02PM

thanks a lot and well done ;-)


Matt Noyes Thu 24 Mar 2022 1:50AM

Thanks, Nick!!


jonny Thu 24 Mar 2022 6:08AM

ty Nick ❤️❤️ afk for the week but will join when I return :)