Wed 28 Dec 2016 7:53PM

Paekakariki Housing Trust Strategy and the Kingi Project

PH Peter Handford Public Seen by 276

It seems like it would be useful to clarify how the different ideas discussed in relation to the trust so far might fit together. Also - how does the critical early project to provide housing to Raima, Pete and whanau fit in. Lots of interesting ideas and approaches are being generated - this is trying to pull them together a bit.


Peter Handford Wed 28 Dec 2016 8:00PM

Being a visual person, and after having a quick whiteboard session with Mark G, I've put together the following diagram (attached below) to help myself understand - so possibly its helpful to others also. What it is trying to depict is a few key things - 1) that there are a wide range of approaches / tools the trust might support over time, 2) that we should be focused in relation to the kingi project on the current simple ones that don't involve the trust group having capital (the activities on the left in the diagram) - 3) that long term we can get involved in more stuff once a capital fund is developed.

This is a starting point for discussion - but we need to be clear on the strategy, otherwise the value of recent publicity etc want be captured.


Mark Amery Wed 28 Dec 2016 9:22PM

What a clear great start thanks. Lets interrogate it well so we can actually look to adopt it as part of a strategy so we have a very clear visual picture for people also. Strategy development feels like a key 2017 development alongside criteria development.