2022 April Guild Wide Meeting

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Hi beautiful guild mates, 

I hope you all are well and thank you so much for joining the meeting last night. For those who weren't able to join, we missed you. 

Here is a quick high level recap from the meeting. Which will be posted on Slack as well as Loomio

April Guild Wide Meeting 

2022-04-06 Wednesday 

[Agenda Doc]

Facilitator - Jerone

Secretary - Jacquie & Dave

Key Action items 

1) Community Bulletin Board Activation

- If you are interested in this, please contact Aleta via slack. Action is scheduled to happen the week of 18th.

2) New Residency Core curriculum - please look at Loomio post about building this curriculum.

3) Hire PPAC - For details & opportunities, please contact Jerone

4) Space Survey - fill out the form and share how you feel about the guild hall.

5) STaTS - you can jump onto this page and learn more about each team. ** HQ office hour is Tuesdays at 3pm


4/10 Newsletter & Social Media posts submission Due (email photo/blurb/link to [email protected])

4/15 & 29 PPAC - bonding & visioning at Living Room - everyone's invited!

4/23 2-6pm - Next Day of Care

If you have any questions or trouble accessing any link, please let me know. 

Next monthly meeting is 5/4 Wednesday 5:30pm EST. 

Love and light