Fri 16 Sep 2016 4:40PM

Support & Spread the word about the Autonomy Conference

F Francesca Public Seen by 96

Hey everyone,

In only 3 weeks, the urban mobility festival Autonomy is opening its doors at the Grand Halle de la Villette in Paris! As you may have heard, OuiShare is the official co-organizer of a 3-day conference taking place from October 6-8, for which we launched ticket sales one week ago!

The program, which has been curated by @samuelroumeau, @ghislaindelabie and @edwinmootoosamy (and awesome coordination from @camillechapuis) is looking great and includes awesome international speakers such as Robin Chase, Bibop Gresta from Hyperloop, Stephan Tual from Slock.it (finally) as well as our (Alumni) Connectors Mattias Jägerskog, Angelo Meuelman!

This is an exciting project for OuiShare, because it’s the first time we are part of a large event where we can position ourselves on a new topic other than the Sharing Economy.

Who do you think should be there?

We have under 3 weeks to sell 200 - 300 tickets for the event. With autonomous vehicles being a very hot topic at the moment, we are quite optimistic about sales going well, but we’re also counting on you to invite people from your network in Europe that you think should be there!

Autonomy has agreed to give us 25 % of all ticket revenues, which means that we are happy to give each of you 25 % of the tickets you sell.

Communicating & Inviting your contacts

Please reach out via personal messages to contacts you think should know about the event and would be interested getting tickets! Since this is the first of event of its kind and will be both in English and French, don’t hesitate to reach out to people from anywhere in Europe (since traveling worldwide maybe a little too last minute).

HERE is an email template in English and French that you can use to contact them.

You can also help spread the word by sharing:

For large groups there are ticket discounts available of 20 %.

You want to join?

We have a number of free tickets for OuiShare Connecters and active members working on OuiShare projects to attend the conference.

If you would like to attend, add you name on this list

Thanks everyone for your support :)


MAHE GOGUILLON Sat 17 Sep 2016 8:45PM

Hello ! just a question ? Do you have a text with a link for sms to reach out our contact too?


Francesca Sun 18 Sep 2016 4:34PM

I'm not sure I understand....you want to contact people via SMS and need a link? I would suggest the best link to share with people you would like to invite is this one: http://www.autonomy.paris/programme/conferences/


MAHE GOGUILLON Mon 19 Sep 2016 11:37AM

to communicate an event by sms is more impacting than an email and it's complementary to the email. We are going to use that for Oui tek it because our contact could share the event quickly and easily. I will propose it on slack. And the link for facebook post doesn't work.


Myriam Bouré Mon 19 Sep 2016 3:15PM

Done :-)