Mon 3 Oct 2016 7:08PM

Tools and online infrastructure

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Our group currently has;

Loomio with admins: @arminsteuernagel1 @chad
Slack with admins: @samtoland @ntnsndr

(Please add who else above)

A recent hangout suggested that we needed blogging and project management infrastructure. This is a good opportunity to discuss this which tools to add, and the admins therein.

We can then launch a proposal as to (1) new tools and (2) admins

A repost from Slack by @johnnyhaeusler

@channel So we had a very good hangout with @maira, @r13ose, @thomase, @katharina01099, @tommcdonough and myself. You will read about results or possible next steps from the individual people, but it is my job to pitch a blog platform that we should use … Since we were all sure that we need an outlet for regular updates. Please feel free to comment on our initial thoughts (attached) and to add your own. We will also try to move organisational stuff to a platform with more features, maybe Basecamp, maybe Trello – @katharina01099 will keep you posted on that.


Bonnie Foley-Wong Mon 3 Oct 2016 7:14PM

Where can I do my information/brain dumping? On the Slack channel? I'm bonnie[at]piqueventures[dot]com.


Chad Whitacre Mon 3 Oct 2016 7:17PM

@bonniefoleywong An etherpad or shared Google Doc would be easier to read (no need to register, be invited, etc.), and more stable than Slack.


Sam Toland Mon 3 Oct 2016 7:19PM

At this stage - I would agree.

You can also integrate a google doc with the Slack.

I am a big fan of Trello - but I think at this early stage it would run into problems as Chad implies.


Sam Toland Mon 3 Oct 2016 8:06PM

Last thought for today - I'm taking it that existing coordinators are @arminsteuernagel1 @whit537 and @ntnsndr - it would be good to get you onboarded on the slack, unfortunately the only way to do that is for you to DM me (Twitter or alternative) an email that I can follow up with an invite.

The perfect solution would be to have an auto-enroll on a site like http://internetofownership.net/ -


Chad Whitacre Mon 3 Oct 2016 8:11PM

chad@zetaweb.com here. Thanks @samtoland!


Sam Toland Mon 3 Oct 2016 8:22PM

@whit537 you're in! You can now invite people too. ;)


Nathan Schneider Mon 3 Oct 2016 8:31PM

n@nathanschneider.info. And I'd be happy to put a page up on internetofownership.net if you give me something WP-embeddable.

Can we get buytwitter.slack? (Tho of course I'd prefer an open-source alternative, but whatever!)


Nathan Schneider Tue 4 Oct 2016 2:30AM

Comes recommended, but requires self-hosting: https://www.mattermost.org/


Sam Toland Tue 4 Oct 2016 9:02AM

Mattermost seems very cool. Think we need a volunteer here re: hosting.

Good point is we can export the slack team when we have it up and running. ;)

(Changed Slack to buytwitter.slack.com)


Nathan Schneider Tue 4 Oct 2016 4:52PM

Thanks for doing this!


Chris Cook Tue 4 Oct 2016 7:53PM

Best is cjenscook@googlemail.com for me


Phil Cleaves Wed 5 Oct 2016 9:01AM

Want to say Hi, Just found you all. Count me in. Going to take a bit to catch up and get us to speed. From what I've read so far, have some good minds here !


Timothy A McDonald Wed 5 Oct 2016 10:33AM


Ed Wed 5 Oct 2016 11:39AM

Can Wikimedia or Mozilla make an open source p2p version at low cost for everyone to use? The software already exists just need their communities to set up and use?! So much extra value can be created;) www.whymandesign.wordpress.com


Kirsten Lambertsen Wed 5 Oct 2016 2:29PM

Would love to be added to the Slack channel, please. kirsten at kirstenlambertsen dotcom Thanks!


john gieryn Wed 5 Oct 2016 7:11PM

Hi @samtoland , I'd love to be added to the slack channel; please, thanks, and much gratitude to your efforts and others here!


Alanna Irving Wed 5 Oct 2016 10:16PM

Chiming in to say that Loomio is great for decision-making and talking things through in a deeper, well-documented way. But the people who've mentioned that it doesn't replace chat and project management tools are absolutely correct. On the Loomio team, we use Loomio extensively, of course, but combined with Slack, Trello, Github Issues, Google Docs, HackMD, video chat, and other tools.

I would suggest we settle on a set of tools, and then put links to them all in the Loomio group description. That way, there's one central place you can find everything, but you can use whatever tool is best for the job you're trying to do at that time.

I completely understand people's desire to use open-source values-aligned tools. However, unless someone is immediately and credibly stepping up to set it up, host it, and onboard everyone, then it's better to just use whatever tools are easy and everyone is familiar with to get the momentum going (Slack, Trello, etc). Otherwise this turns into a massively distracting bike shed conversation.


Sam Toland Wed 5 Oct 2016 10:20PM

John, that's done (and you can take your email down if you want), and invite Alanna (I'm guessing you know each other ;) )


Sam Toland Wed 5 Oct 2016 10:22PM

@alanna - do you think that Loomio would be up for giving the group an upgrade for Slack integration etc.

And I favour getting a Trello board started for the group - is this something you would be up for making a proposal and following through on?

Lastly, there is a discussion on slack at #website - about the whole hosting situation. Be good to get your input.


Alanna Irving Wed 5 Oct 2016 10:23PM

Yes we can help out with Slack integration if you all want it :)


Nathan Schneider Wed 5 Oct 2016 11:30PM

That'd be great:) Our Slack is buytwitter.slack.com


Alanna Irving Wed 5 Oct 2016 11:57PM

Can you send me an invite to the slack please? alanna@loomio.org


Nathan Schneider Thu 6 Oct 2016 3:25AM



Priscilla Grim Thu 6 Oct 2016 4:34AM


Armin Steuernagel Sat 8 Oct 2016 4:34PM

Also a slack invitation for me please:)


Thomas Euler Wed 5 Oct 2016 10:51PM

One advice regarding infrastructure, along @alanna's lines: If you want this initiative (which I really sympathize with, as I've written about here) to really pick up mainstream traction, than you should definitely build a communication infrastructure on mainstream channels. That is: obv Twitter, Facebook and stick with popular solutions even for project management and the likes. The same applies to an eventual crowdfunding mechanism - if there is any way in which one can setup a Kickstarter under legal terms (is there a workaround for legal issues?), this would be the way to go.

If you want to win over some tech leaders as I read in another thread, than make it as easy as possible to join. Don't be ideological because any barrier lessens your potential reach. This initiative would obv. have to gain viral traction asap as Twitter is in serious talks with proper bidders. Thus, any friction whatsoever is going to be counter-productive.

If you want to invite me to slack: me@thomaseuler.de (though I'm not sure how much time I can contribute; I do have some ideas though I'd like to share)


Hailey Cooperrider Wed 5 Oct 2016 11:14PM

Agree very much with Alanna's point about using available working tools rather than slow momentum to use more pure tools.

I'll share something I wrote in another thread which belongs in this one I think:

One technique I've often used in contexts like these is to create a google slideshow which is primarily internally focused, which organises all of our strategic thinking so far. Simple slides like:

  • what is the original idea and background?
  • who is here?
  • who is leading?
  • what key questions are emerging?
  • what's next?

The slideshow format keeps the information modular and visual, and easily rearrangeable.

This material can then be repurposed for more highly polished external slideshows and other messaging.

Is there someone who enjoys keeping information organised that might lead on this or something like this?



Nathan Schneider Thu 6 Oct 2016 3:26AM

@samtoland Any way to allow people to join the slack without being invited? Seems inefficient.


Sam Toland Thu 6 Oct 2016 10:19AM

See #website on slack. We need a site, and a dev to code the auto-invite.

There is a bot service (from a third-party) but would need a proposal (as I can't vouch for the security of it).


Mark Hughes Thu 6 Oct 2016 12:02PM

Chat Tools: also consider http://riot.im which is like Slack (but fully open source) but also allows people to operate with their preferred chat clients such as IRC etc.

I'm not an expert on riot.im but very impressed with it having signed up a couple of weeks ago at the suggestion of an outreach guy at MaidSafe - where we have been using Slack for some time, but not liking it being closed source / commercial.

I'm not an expert, but was able to link it to an IRC channel that I use very easily, so now I have my Slack channels and IRC channels together in one messenger interface, which is fully open source. :-). So riot.im is not either/or, but a way to pull the takeovertwitter slack channel together with other Slack / IRC etc channels you use.


Sam Toland Thu 6 Oct 2016 5:28PM

Thanks for that Mark - looks more feasible than mattermost - would you be able to get over to the #website channel on Slack and discuss?

We are planning a proposal for lander and slack auto-invite - but if the skills are there to pull what you are talking about together - great! :)


Matthew Cropp Fri 7 Oct 2016 2:27AM


Wolfgang Maehr Fri 7 Oct 2016 2:55AM

Can I please get a slack invite at wm@njyo.net? Thanks!


Thomas Euler Fri 7 Oct 2016 1:14PM

since it might have gotten lost in my reply: slack invite to me@thomaseuler.de would be great. Thx! :)


Devin Fri 7 Oct 2016 7:45PM

Fyi - https://gitter.im is a great chat service that syncs with Github.

We can set up Slack auto-invite on the internetofownership site but I'll need to work with an admin of that Slack group to get it done. @ntnsndr are you an admin on the slack?

Two WP plugins that can do this:


Poll Created Fri 7 Oct 2016 9:19PM

Make @ntnsndr an Admin on Slack Closed Sat 8 Oct 2016 3:02PM

by Nathan Schneider Tue 25 Apr 2017 9:50AM

@ntnsndr was made an admin on Slack.

We can get an auto-inviter up on internetofownership.net until we have our own lander! Makes sense that @ntnsndr is an admin of Slack to facilitate this.

I would have just added him, given his bona fides here... :)

But it's probably good that we establish some sort of process to do such a thing. So...

Is there a consensus to add @ntnsndr as an admin?


Results Option % of points Voters
Agree 100.0% 5 AI NS SF D KL
Abstain 0.0% 0  
Disagree 0.0% 0  
Block 0.0% 0  

5 of 249 people have voted (2%)


Nathan Schneider
Fri 7 Oct 2016 9:52PM

I'm in:)


Nathan Schneider Sat 8 Oct 2016 3:47AM

@samtoland Maybe we have sufficient consensus to move on this?

Also, what do we need to do to make it possible for people to sign themselves up on Slack? I'd like to add instructions to this temporary on-boarding page.


Alanna Irving Sat 8 Oct 2016 4:05AM

Slack/Loomio integration has been set up. See the #loomio channel on the slack if you want to get Loomio updates that way.


Sam Toland Sat 8 Oct 2016 3:03PM

I'm happy that a consensus exists to make @ntnsndr a Slack admin.


Karun Cowper Sun 9 Oct 2016 5:20AM

Me too please! - karun777@gmail.com

Thanks :)


Nathan Schneider Sun 9 Oct 2016 5:25AM



Mel Fuller Mon 10 Oct 2016 9:13PM

Please add me to slack - mel@abilitymate.com
@ntnsndr @samtoland Thanks


Nathan Schneider Mon 10 Oct 2016 9:39PM



Johnny Haeusler Tue 11 Oct 2016 1:43PM

Please add johnny.haeusler@tincon.org – thanks!


Rosen Dimov Tue 11 Oct 2016 3:33PM

Please add rosendimov@iypf.org , thank you!


Sreeharsha Tue 11 Oct 2016 5:44PM

Please add nanoharsha@gmail.com, keenly following the discussion from India, and trying to understand and involve where I can. Do let me know if you want to mobilise the community here !!


Daniel Wentsch Tue 11 Oct 2016 6:20PM

I'm excited about the idea of buying/owning twitter and would like to join you guys on slack :) daniel@klickreflex.de


Nathan Schneider Tue 11 Oct 2016 8:57PM

Thanks to @devin3, I've just added an auto-invite tool for Slack here:


Sam Toland Tue 11 Oct 2016 10:24PM

@ntnsndr i would post details of the auto-invite to the homepage for loomio.

Automation is the bomb! :)


Alanna Irving Thu 13 Oct 2016 2:24AM

As we agree tools it would be great to keep the Loomio group description up to date with links to them, so people arriving can onboard themselves.


Katharina Simon Sat 22 Oct 2016 8:59PM

What about Trello? When decisions are made we could track tasks there, also events, interviews with journalists etc


Alvaro Solache Sun 23 Oct 2016 12:21PM

I can offer to use https://www.app.timefounder.com as a open platform for setup a open value accounting & project management platform for tracking all value contributions from all contributors. We are in alpha version but with your feedback we could keep on improoving the platform


john gieryn Tue 1 Nov 2016 10:37PM

Any news on the Slack auto-add landing page?


Sam Toland Fri 18 Nov 2016 1:17AM

@whit537 can you assist in the setting up of a Loomio sub-group? :)


john gieryn Fri 18 Nov 2016 2:02AM

I'll set it up if you can find me a good picture ;) maybe we can test if Loomio does fractal GIFs :P