Mon 3 Oct 2016 7:08PM

Tools and online infrastructure

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Our group currently has;

Loomio with admins: @arminsteuernagel1 @chad
Slack with admins: @samtoland @ntnsndr

(Please add who else above)

A recent hangout suggested that we needed blogging and project management infrastructure. This is a good opportunity to discuss this which tools to add, and the admins therein.

We can then launch a proposal as to (1) new tools and (2) admins

A repost from Slack by @johnnyhaeusler

@channel So we had a very good hangout with @maira, @r13ose, @thomase, @katharina01099, @tommcdonough and myself. You will read about results or possible next steps from the individual people, but it is my job to pitch a blog platform that we should use … Since we were all sure that we need an outlet for regular updates. Please feel free to comment on our initial thoughts (attached) and to add your own. We will also try to move organisational stuff to a platform with more features, maybe Basecamp, maybe Trello – @katharina01099 will keep you posted on that.


Bonnie Foley-Wong Mon 3 Oct 2016 7:14PM

Where can I do my information/brain dumping? On the Slack channel? I'm bonnie[at]piqueventures[dot]com.


Chad Whitacre Mon 3 Oct 2016 7:17PM

@bonniefoleywong An etherpad or shared Google Doc would be easier to read (no need to register, be invited, etc.), and more stable than Slack.


Sam Toland Mon 3 Oct 2016 7:19PM

At this stage - I would agree.

You can also integrate a google doc with the Slack.

I am a big fan of Trello - but I think at this early stage it would run into problems as Chad implies.


Sam Toland Mon 3 Oct 2016 8:06PM

Last thought for today - I'm taking it that existing coordinators are @arminsteuernagel1 @whit537 and @ntnsndr - it would be good to get you onboarded on the slack, unfortunately the only way to do that is for you to DM me (Twitter or alternative) an email that I can follow up with an invite.

The perfect solution would be to have an auto-enroll on a site like http://internetofownership.net/ -


Chad Whitacre Mon 3 Oct 2016 8:11PM

[email protected] here. Thanks @samtoland!


Sam Toland Mon 3 Oct 2016 8:22PM

@whit537 you're in! You can now invite people too. ;)


Nathan Schneider Mon 3 Oct 2016 8:31PM

[email protected]. And I'd be happy to put a page up on internetofownership.net if you give me something WP-embeddable.

Can we get buytwitter.slack? (Tho of course I'd prefer an open-source alternative, but whatever!)


Nathan Schneider Tue 4 Oct 2016 2:30AM

Comes recommended, but requires self-hosting: https://www.mattermost.org/


Sam Toland Tue 4 Oct 2016 9:02AM

Mattermost seems very cool. Think we need a volunteer here re: hosting.

Good point is we can export the slack team when we have it up and running. ;)

(Changed Slack to buytwitter.slack.com)


Nathan Schneider Tue 4 Oct 2016 4:52PM

Thanks for doing this!

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