Wed 25 Jan 2017 9:42AM

Flying ECA

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Following our great EAC in Brussels, we would like to submit a proposal for a future event of the EAC.

The proposal is rather simple : the EAC is a very rich gathering of people building and promoting commons in many different places in Europe. In Brussels, we experienced how interesting and motivating it is to all meet, work and exchange together. Our motivation to meet in Brussels was the existence of a "local initiative", if we can call it that: the intergroup on the Commons. In different places in Europe people are trying to implement new policies based on more participatory rules and inspired by the commons. There are interesting initiatives in cities in Spain, in Italy and probably elsewhere. We believe these places are ideal locations for the EAC to travel to and for commoners to gather.

We can, for example, imagine a 3 days gathering (maybe a self organized camp) in a city where there are new leaders who are interested to work with commoners. This would allow:
- Exchanges and work among ourselves,
- Possibilities to learn about what is being done in this place and how new leaders were put in power,
- Exchange and work with the local actors (teams of the city and movements) on initiatives and actions that would be developed and implemented on the basis of experiences in other places.

If there are people interested by the idea, we could have a call to discuss it.

Gaelle Krikorian and Frédéric Sultan


Stacco Troncoso Wed 25 Jan 2017 8:21PM

Sounds good. Maybe we could piggyback it with an existing event so the ECA has a presence there? I see that as an interesting possibility, but it could also be a drawback (maybe it's better to concentrate on the ECA in more of quiet, care-oriented way).


Nicole Leonard Thu 26 Jan 2017 7:39AM

@fredericsultan, I remember you mentioning a possible meeting in May in Villarceaux again.. is that still an option?


Frédéric Sultan Thu 26 Jan 2017 11:27PM

Hi @nicoleleonard,
Yes I had shared this option mentionned by FPH last December. If needed, FPH could help for the accomodation of a group of people (not for travel fees). Actualy, there is no link between the proposall of a "flying EAC" and a meeting at Villarceaux.



Gaelle Thu 26 Jan 2017 8:44PM


I think we cannot have one event aggregating all the cool ideas people are raising…

It would be really something if from now one for each event on the commons happening in Europe we had a space for the EAC, for people to work, exchange and work (and have fun). And if existing local assemblies could communicate and exchange that would be great. And maybe an option is to have people from one place to invite people from another one… and so on…

But the proposal of a "flying EAC" is another project. It's really for commoners from the EAC to go and work with a municipality willing to work with them. Something a little like we did at the EP but at a different scale. With a local municipality, with it various teams and the local social movements…

Madrid sounds like an interesting option. From some contacts I have in Spain I believe Barcelona or La coruña could also be. As well as some cities in Italy or transition cities in the UK…

If there are people interested to discuss this we should set a call to discuss on how we could move forward.




Stacco Troncoso Mon 30 Jan 2017 3:45PM

FYI @martinpairet has started a discussion here about the possibility of a Madrid event around October.


Ivor Stodolsky Mon 30 Jan 2017 5:13PM

Thanks for pointing it out, Stacco
(with many parallel projects, I haven't checked the ECA Loomio in weeks).

Great to see this, Martin! We discussed this in an internal discussions of the Transeuropa Festival group, which as you must know, we at PM are part of through the Re-Build Refuge Europe project with European Alternatives.

​We did make some contact with local organisers and curators close to the commons scene. We still need to learn more about the local, and especially self-organised networks, however. There are, of course, a huge number of initiatives. Does someone have a good mapping of what is going on?



P.S. ​I'll just add this to the Loomio discussion now, with a little more detail​​​ if I have time​

Ivor Stodolsky
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Ruby van der Wekken Mon 6 Feb 2017 6:15PM

Hi - So there is the proposal for the format of a Flying ECA, and then secondly as also came up here, we could also be imagining ECA sessions to take place as part of certain european/regional level relevant events in which Commons figuring. We could include in our discussion these different formats and possibilities - and how things fit together?


Gaelle Thu 2 Mar 2017 9:51PM

Dear all,

It is not totally clear to me what is our process at this point to talk about future plans. But we said there was a deadline this week to develop short proposals of projects. So I took the initiative to draft something, starting with the idea of the flying ECA and incorporating people comments on the loomio’s pages. It’s certainly imperfect but it’s a base to discuss. See below.

I would be great to be able to discuss the different proposals people would like to implement, as soon as possible. To be able to see what is feasible, what kind of funding with need, etc.


PS: I also agree with Ruby, we should also discuss ECA sessions to take place as part of european/regional events.

Flying ECA meeting

100 commoners from the ECA gather in a city where particularly interesting politics and policies (from the point of view of the commons) are developed. The scale of the city is ideally big enough to interact with 100 commoners, but not too big… Let say between 50 000 and 3 millions inhabitants.
During several days (3 days?) they will:
- Interact with people from the place (social movements, municipality leaders):
- learn about what is being done, how the commons were integrated in the local policies/politics,
- share experiences and proposals that could make sense in the context of the city,
- Exchange and work among themselves will the help of people from the place who are interested to join the discussions.
- Augment the "tool box" of the ECA by registering policies/initiatives/actions based on the exchanges with the people from the city.

Madrid is clearly a serious options.
It could also be La Coruña or Barcelona – we have contacts in both cities.
Or cities in Italy, or the UK possibly.

If it is in Madrid, it could take place during the European Alternatives' Transeuropa Festival (festival of European alternatives, a cultural, political and artistic event seeking a transnational debate and exchange on the future of our European (common) space), probably Oct 23-29. 2017.
If not in Madrid during the festival, set another time.

What would be required :
• Funds for traveling for around 70 people (we can imagine that some of our people will be able to get their organization to pay for their trip). (17 500 €)
• Local lodging (camping?). Some sort of camp would be ideal. Maybe a cheap option can be negotiated with the municipalities (max 10 000 €)
• Preparation of interesting actions/initiatives/policies to share in various domains.

People interested from ECA:
Gaelle, Fred, Ivor, Martin, Stacco, Sophie, Daphne, Ruby, etc.

Local contacts:
Contacts with Ahora Madrid, Flavia Introzzi, Medialab Prado, Goteo (Carmen Lozano), Platoniq, etc. (also contacts in other cities in Galicia, Barcelona, etc who could contribute), etc.