Thu 16 Sep 2021 7:13AM

Questions for TCOB?

DB Dee Brooks Public Seen by 36

Take Care of Books (TCOB) is the organisation who looks after Jeder's financial support needs!

Renan, Hasan and Igor have been our backbone in this area for quite a while now and yet, we believe that some people do not know how accessible they are!

For example, did you know you can reach out to them, at any time with questions about your class? Did you know you can ask them to set up your salary sacrifice options?

As a Jeder member, you retain their services free of charge, as a membership benefit!

So, what financial questions do you have that you haven't asked? Are there areas you are foggy about or more information you need to make decisions?

What questions can I take to TCOB on your behalf?


Deleted account Mon 25 Oct 2021 3:22AM

TCOB are the bomb! Appreciate their help and reach out regularly!


Dee Brooks Wed 6 Oct 2021 12:05AM

I've sent your comments onto TCoB and will share their response here!


Margaret Henville Sun 19 Sep 2021 9:33AM

Thanks Dee. I'd like some clarification around Super when I am already Salary Sacrificing


Kaeleen Hunter Thu 16 Sep 2021 12:04PM

You’re the bomb…….NO didn’t know any of this and am a bit interested in salary sacrifice……….if I ever get a signed contract – wait, if I ever get a contract lol

Still haven’t sighted it yet tho zero stress – so YES love to know more and how do we access them??


Kaeleen Hunter

creative support coordinator

: +61 402 539

: [email protected] ( [email protected] )