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Samoa GIS User Group Grant Proposal

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The Samoa GIS & RS User Group Incorp (or SGRUG for short) seeks a grant of $5,350 SAT (approx. $2,850 AUD equivalent) from OSGeo Oceania to financially help support the group kickstart its first four months of training workshops and operations for its 60 members (time period of support will be from June - Sept 2022).

See an extract of the proposal here, full proposal attached and sent via email.

Project Brief:

We have already secured a venue that can accommodate up to 60 people. It has 15 computers that our members will be able to use. This is where our group will conduct our monthly training workshops and group meetings. The monthly training workshops are a QGIS 12-exercise training program (that spans for 12 months). Members of the SGRUG group are able to access and join the training program for free and this is the core mission of the Samoa GIS & RS User Group Incorp.

Goals and Objectives

● Goal: Capacity building (on QGIS) for our 60 confirmed members for 12 months

○ Objective 1: Establish training plan/exercises

○ Objective 2: Finalize logistics + budget (venue, catering, etc)

○ Objective 3: Members to get certification at the end of the 12 month training period


If successful, through the monthly training and networking that we provide for our 60 members, we hope our members have built their GIS capacity esp on QGIS and OpenStreetMap (whether new or advanced members).


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Do you agree to fund this project? Closed Fri 24 Jun 2022 10:00PM

If you vote 'need more info' please write your questions here in the thread and we will send them all to Tooa for a reply.


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Alex Leith Wed 22 Jun 2022 10:24PM


I'd like to attach a requirement that they deliver a brief report at the end of the 12 months. It would be great to be able to write up a story about this, it's a really cool thing to support!

Only other thing is should we fund half up front and half at the end, after the report is submitted?


Greg Lauer Wed 22 Jun 2022 10:24PM


Great to see this happening. Agree with Alex's comments in that we need to see some sort of reporting. Not so sure we need to hold funds until a report is delivered as long as the Samoa GIS Group make a commitment to deliver such a report. Asking a group to pre-pay expenses may be a barrier.


Carrol Chan Wed 22 Jun 2022 10:24PM


Looks exciting!

Building on Alex and Gregs note, maybe we could ask for a brief (1 page) report before releasing the second half of the funding?


Ewen Hill Sun 26 Jun 2022 9:18AM

Hi Elisa, I have been thinking about this for a bit and sorry I didn't get to registering my vote in time. This event sounds exactly what OSGeo-Oceania should be engaged in and I am fully supportive however I do have some concerns regarding the extensive cost of food/refreshments and the number of computers (15), compared to the 60 members and if this will be sustainable over 12 months without dropping off. I am also a little confused about the project being 12 months but only financing the initial 4 months and that this is suppose to kick in commencing June and I would like to understand how the remaining nine months is being financed.


Elisa Puccioni Sun 26 Jun 2022 10:30PM

Hi Ewen and all,

Here's Tooa's replies to Ewen's questions:

  1. Number of people possibly dropping off:

    The room we’ve booked for 12 months only houses 15 computers. We will be encouraging members to come with their own laptops and the members who cant bring a laptop will have share amongst the computers in the room (2 per computer). In terms of the sustainability of members, the training program will encourage members to get certification at the end of the training program if they complete the training program (key incentive we are using). We are adding in fun activities in between the months to build a culture of teamwork for our members. 

  2. Confusion on financing only 4 months of 12 month project:

    We are only seeking support for the first 4 months. We will be running our first major fundraiser in Sept/Oct to fundraise a bulk of our funds to support 3-5 months + 4 other fundraiser activities to support the other months. It is our first year as a registered association so we want to solidify as much support from our GIS community, local government and businesses so we can raise our membership fee in the future to sustainably fund the group’s activities. 

  3. Food and drink expenses: still waiting from Tooa on this (will update the thread here) but I think $15 pp of food and $4 pp of drinks per meeting isn't a huge expense, I suppose they will be provided lunch as the training is a full day (I think)?


Carrol Chan Mon 27 Jun 2022 2:00AM

Hi all,

I just had a re-look at the workplan and wanted to flag that the trainings listed are only 1 hour - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Mnzd3sMIK7QxdXJiHib4_RTTKLy6_PrK0s6HSsoaKh4/edit?usp=sharing

Might be good to clarify this with Tooa.


Elisa Puccioni Mon 27 Jun 2022 2:23AM

oh good pick Carrol, I assumed it was a full day workshop! I'll ask Tooa.

And I've realised the $15 of food and $5 of drinks pp are actually in VAT, so they will be around $8 and $3 AUD per person. We can also chose to not cover the entire food and drink costs, if you think it's too expensive? We could plan for $6 AUD pp for all the catering costs?


Ewen Hill Mon 27 Jun 2022 6:00AM

Thanks for the clarifications Elisa. My main concerns were that the course continued to completion and that 4 people around a computer was not conducive to a great experience. The amount for food/drink is not overly expensive per person however it would be excellent to look at numbers over time and recoup any significant underspend to reinvest. A yes from me.


Elisa Puccioni Tue 28 Jun 2022 4:14AM

Ok at the end of the consultation, I see the majority of the board happy with funding this project. I think being a monthly project, we should divide the payment in 4 monthly rates or at least 2 rates to minimise banks commissions (@alex will give you more work or are you ok with it?) and each month Tooa will have to submit a quick report of the activities done with the money, i.e. the QGIS training workshop was done this day, with these many people, spent tot money.

if it looks reasonable will contact Tooa and ask for bank details.

thanks everyone!