Thu 16 Jul 2020 3:22PM

Open source complementary currency project

KB Kyle Bateman Public Seen by 110

Here's something the group might be interested in:


A few years ago, I published this set of papers to propose a method for an open source currency based on fully distributed, private credit relationships. I have just now published a prototype of the software that is functioning at a proof-of-concept level.


This software has recently been subjected to a professional algorithm review (which turned up some issues, as expected). So there is more work to do. But it looks like it could be a viable alternative to cryptocurrency, addressing problems such as scalability, privacy and volatility that challenge those platforms.


Hugh Barnard Mon 21 Mar 2022 8:31AM

Thanks, this is interesting. I've revived work on this currently: https://sourceforge.net/projects/cclite2/ because a couple of groups have asked me about using it. The intertrading part uses pub/sub via RabbitMQ but that's probably swappable fairly easily.