S Sam Public Seen by 123

So Tony and others have came to kenand expressed why engage these people. Racist or sympathize for racist thinking the race talks are political. Like the gunning down of young black men is something being manipulated into some political I don’t follow. And that misinformation is so deeply imbedded. And lapse of judgement or being proven wrong (not that they are above it or aren’t wrong) that it doesn’t seem to matter. They feel strongly this way now. And they won’t move. And in talking to some I’ve gotten this impression. So how do we encourage this dialogue? Is this a waste of time?

Our audience is wide right now. Pretty much anyone who voted for trump. But we have to stick to the issues and tear down the idea of sides.

And honestly one of the biggest points and reasons Trump got elected and Bernie did so well, is people are fed up with crooked politics. Of course, Trump is balantly crooked in business and been involved in politics for a long time so I don’t get the logic of him being this anti-establishment guy. But he represents a lot of ideals of America that should’ve been dead by now. But some are grasping. We need question ourselves tomtry and understand these people and how to write them.

I’m all for different tactics and ideas. But we need to support each other and do research by reaching out and engaging in dialogue. I want to do beta testing if what we were is effective.

But is it worth it? For me. It’s been off and on. I think it’s important but I could easy not care work on other ideas. I have too many anyway. And will this even reach a wide audience? The last Ubuntu didn’t. But that one also wasn’t digitized. I can’t answer the quest of Worth. All for you to contemplate. In regards to the rest. Please discuss