One day without us

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Agnes Mason has posted on our fb page and invited us to get involved in this:
"We want to organise something in bath for 20th February (http://www.1daywithoutus.org/) and are holding an open meeting on Tuesday 10th of January, 7pm in The Friends' Meeting House (2, York Street, Bath BA1 1NG, http://www.bathquakermeeting.org.uk/location.htm ) please get in touch if you'd like to help!" Who can go?


Julie Hickmott Sat 7 Jan 2017 9:04AM

I'm unable to help out during the day as I have to work, is there anything happening in the evening on 20th February I could be involved in instead?


Katrina Moore Sun 8 Jan 2017 11:42PM

I'd be very happy to help out on 20th February, but unfortunately can't make it to the meeting on 10th January. So anyone who is going on 10th, please feel free to mention my name as a potential volunteer. Thanks!


Ruth Malloy Mon 9 Jan 2017 11:01PM

Who is going to this meeting from Bath for Europe?


Don sibley Tue 10 Jan 2017 7:00AM

Sorry but i can't attend the meeting tonight but I'm interested in hearing about the plans.


Tony Ambrose Tue 10 Jan 2017 11:14AM

Anna said she would go. Peter Andrews is chairing. I am committed to media group meeting this evening. May make it later.


Ruth Malloy Thu 19 Jan 2017 10:17PM

@peterandrews and @annaberia: Please could you post the main points of the ODWU meeting here. I understand there's a plan to meet at 13.00 somewhere in the centre of Bath, and that there will be something happening at Bath University, but that's all I know. It would be good to have more details before this week's street stall. Isn't there also some joint action planned in London with The 3 Million on that day?