Mon 3 Mar 2014 6:40PM

Terms of Reference

BP Bailey Peryman Public Seen by 13

This is an ongoing discussion which may lead to 'motions' being made to alter the document as the Network evolves.

The following is a link to the latest draft of the Terms of Reference document, accessible via Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4krq-6J0iO9eThCRkt3Y0dXZFE/edit?usp=sharing

Some initial points for discussion raised at the last steering group meeting are:
- Consider the name of the group and any necessary branding exercises;
- Revise the 'Why the group convenes' section
- Feel free to add more and chip in to conversation!


Matt Morris Mon 3 Mar 2014 8:21PM

I'm liking the name Food Resilience Network, which I think works well for the wider group, involving all of the potential stakeholders. We did agree to establish a steering group within this, which then evolved into a leadership group. Both sound better than 'executive' or similar. But I liked Sacha's idea of a 'hub' within a network. That would work for me.


Fiona Parkes Sun 9 Mar 2014 8:28AM

A nervous Fiona here again.

I do not like the name Food Resilience Network

To me this name sidelines people. And it sounds a wee bit militant & cold.

Whilst greater food resilience will certainly be an outcome of what we are aiming for, and no doubt organic, permaculture methods will be used.

We are looking to make locally & home grown fruit/veg/nuts available to more people.

We are certainly looking to ensure that our local neighbourhoods are strengthened via the growing, harvesting, preparing & sharing of local food. We are looking to ensure that there are freely accessible free food sources on public land.

I came across a web site from my old home city, Bristol, UK


Is that what we are aiming for? A more resilient food system?

Incredible Edible Network
The Incredible Edible network is an umbrella group for members who believe that providing public access to healthy, local food can enrich their communities.