Wed 22 Jun 2016 9:45AM

Contribution of Sharitories to the global budget

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Reflection: the team we are leading in Spain and Latin America, OuiShare Territorios: Sharitories, Albert and I (Ángel), and after have finished the materials in Spanish language, we are thinking that the utilization of these materials that are part of the community, should generate incomes to itself, so that if any member of the community would use these materials in a commercial way and getting incomes, an amount of the budget would be destinated to the local and global budgets, so that, for example, a Sharitories project with a budget of 100 in Colombia, destines a 5% to OuiShare Global and a 5% to OuiShare Spain, then both go to the co-budget for their reuse (it is about the budget, not about the benefits). This would be also interesting for other countries as Italy, France, Germany, England, etc. and it would be helpful to improve the materials or other things related to the communication. The idea should be that each country would have to manage the different regulations to comply the aims. After that, I would like to know what you really think about.


Francesca Sun 26 Jun 2016 4:33PM

It's great that you bring this up @angelalvareztaladr , since we have just been refining for OuiShare France how projects contribute to OuiShare structure costs.

I think there is one important differentiation that we need to make, which I have the feeling is not really clear to everyone yet:

When we talk about projects contributing to local budgets, there should be two levels:

  • 10 % OuiShare Structure costs, which each project is obliged to contribute for 1) using the OuiShare brand, network & resources 2) using one of our legal structures to administer the project --> these 10 % go directly into the local budget to fund the operations
  • additional % that a project decides to give that go beyond 10 % --> these can then be distributed by individuals or project teams as they wish.

To keep things simple, I would not create a rule saying that 5 % must go to local and 5 % to global, but instead, that every 6 months or annually, all the local structures decide how much they can contribute to global operations as a whole.

So that leaves you with the clear process that all money raised for OuiShare projects and activities goes into local budgets (never directly into a global one), and then gets redistributed from local non-profits to fund global activities.

Is this clear? Do you think it makes sense?


angel alvarez taladriz Thu 14 Jul 2016 10:01AM

@francesca Thank you so much Francesca, i understand all, we can do this. kisses and happy holidays.