Wed 17 Mar 2021 10:10PM

White Paper 3 - suggested adjusted flow

RB Ruth Blackshaw Public Seen by 6

Having read the paper in its entirety for first time, I would make the following proposed adjustments to the flow to help the reader get the information they need in the order they need it. I would suggest initiating this as a thread to gather any inputs or counter-proposals then make a proposal for voting at 10am tomorrow.

Suggested adjustments to the flow:

  • Propose dividing current "vision statement" part into two parts (vision statement and "UNicoins contribution the broader UN landscape" to include the parts on UN reform, SDGs, future of work etc and moving the latter part to later after the why of UNicoins and background has been provided).

  • Propose changing where the boxes appear so that they match the content

    Adjusted order & subheads following the contents page (with "NEW" indicating moves) would therefore be:

    1. Vision statement

    2. NEW: put short form of "incentivising cross-UN collaboration" (suggest changing title to "the need for new ways to value cross-UN collaboration) to clarify the why of UNicoins early on

    3. How UNicoins came about (formerly "background")

    4. NEW: UNicoins' contribution to the broader UN landscape (new sub-section using content previously in vision statement)

      1. NEW: propose moving "harnessing data insights" box to this section rather than in background where it was previously

    5. UNicoins in practice - proposed approaches

      1. NEW: move Why Blockchain box to the end of this section (currently after the manager-led sub-section)

    6. NEW: change subhead "Concluding remarks" to "Conclusions and next steps"


Michaela Markova Thu 18 Mar 2021 6:15AM

I unfortunately cannot comment on this as I haven't read the full paper recently (I did like two weeks ago and apologies that I did not get to it these days). Hence, I trust those who read it recently to make this decision

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Eleonora Gatti Thu 18 Mar 2021 9:58AM

Thank you ruth! great suggestions all in all! I generally agree with the suggested changes. In terms of boxes the idea is that they are more a kind of ''deep dives'' rather than in the flow of the document. We also need to think where to put the longer ''deep dives'' -- at the moment they are at the end, but that was not the original intention. The problem with this type of report is that the flow is normally quite standard -- rationale, background, proposal, conclusions -- we were trying to use the boxes to prevent the reader from getting bored by flashing some other info -- I agree that they are not in the rational place where they should be, but that was not the intention. I also need to add one more short box with examples of tokens and blockchain for social good. I have not ad the time to write it yet, but I will include an empty box so that the designers know is there.


Ruth Blackshaw Mon 22 Mar 2021 4:18PM

Thanks everyone! This makes sense @Eleonora Gatti I think design will play a key role here @Akash K P in reflecting the "deep dives" idea without disrupting flow 👍