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Vacancies & Opportunities

Think of this as a noticeboard rather than a discussion board. And, in the spirit of Principle 6, I'm sure people posting something here will be very pleased if you can spread their info more widely.

Also try: https://forum.workers.coop/c/jobs/12


Matt Nicholson Wed 22 Feb 2023 1:48PM

I contacted Vivien, they were seeking support from the Hive for some co-op development work to nail down precisely what it is they needed.


Irena P Wed 22 Feb 2023 11:49AM

Hi Matt, did anything come of this?


Irena P Mon 16 Jan 2023 5:12PM

Sounds good. I have encouraged Vivien to get in touch with Solid Fund and I'd be pleasantly surprised if she does... she's overwhelmed by operational stuff tbh and there's only three of them there. One of them actually does want to go part time Matt. Whoever goes in ideally can implement worker co-op culture and reassure the others of the difference it can make. A proper worker challenge. Look forward to any updates Matt/Cath x


Matt Nicholson Mon 16 Jan 2023 2:31PM

Just sent Vivien an email about the role. If Cath's suggestion fits Waste Chasers needs, I'd be keen to apply on a part-time/job-share basis.


John Atherton Tue 10 Jan 2023 10:53AM

workers.coop is on a mission to motivate, educate and organise worker co-ops. We’re in startup mode, and now looking for a freelancer or studio to support us with generating and publishing digital communications.

This contract is initially for 24 days delivery over the next 3 months at a £175 day rate. It is likely this contract will be extended based on how the role develops.



Gosh - being a single person trying to save a co-op's culture sounds very hard. Would make sense to me that they apply to Solid Fund for a significant amount more money in order to have two people job-sharing for a little while - eg apply for cash for a 0.25 person for 4 months and two people job share 1.25 FTE. Otherwise whoever goes for it would need immense reserves of energy, enthusiasm and tenacity


Irena P Fri 2 Dec 2022 10:23AM

Thanks Dave, I will definitely ask them to apply to Solid Fund. They do need a couple new contracts and at least an extra pair of hands (doable if they advertise). But they’re so stretched atm they struggle to admin for these things. Also onboarding new support staff to worker model not being done so they leave if doing mundane jobs. @petramorris also aware of them.


Dave Hollings Fri 2 Dec 2022 8:36AM

This sounds like the sort of situation Solid Fund was set up for - a small worker co-op which needs a little bit of investment to survive. It wouldn't cost much to pay for a co-op smart phone, a Zoom account and the hosting fee for a website for a year - maybe £500. I would be happy to see such an application if they committed to joining Solid Fund in return.


Irena P Thu 1 Dec 2022 12:54PM

Also meant to send to @Cath M in Leeds (Cornerstone Housing/Radical Routes/Platform6) @Martyn Johnston (Chapel St)

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