Sun 18 Aug 2013 7:30PM

Elect the coordinator of this group?

JG Jammie Gregory Public Seen by 19

There could a problem here, the coordinator of the group has the responsibility to add emails, to invite people to generally organize this group, but also has the power to delete posts, decisions, or members, and I can see no other way around this at this time, other than to explain it here and just say if for whatever reason, if someone isn't happy with the job I'm doing please explain why, start a discussion here, or create a proposal for me to step down, so we can elect someone else that may do a better job. So here's why I started this group: I hate responsibilities, but I understand the needs for this, a truly fair and equal decision making process, people are going to argue, fight, and disagree a lot and very little will be accomplished, because, we've been conditioned to fight and argue over every little thing without even thinking about it in order to "win", make someone your enemy and you can justify taking what they have...to be inconsiderate of others is rewarding, that liars and cheaters always win... a great deal of unlearning, and relearning will have to take place before we start to get results from this consensus process, it's going to be very difficult but equally as rewarding in the long run, it's a big reason such societies haven't worked in the past, many members may drop out before this works, everyone here will be proven wrong many times over, and humiliated by their own biases and ignorance they never knew they had before we truly start changing the way we think and communicate, into something more civilized...However, if a high consensus of other people agree that I'm not doing the job right and should step down, or that anyone here should be booted for that matter, and if I refuse to step down as coordinator, then you can easily start you own group, or for a minor disagreement start a smaller sub-group from this one, the majority might have it wrong. I encourage people or minorities to create other groups if they find there is something they strongly disagree with that the majority of the group supports.


Blaine Smith Mon 19 Aug 2013 12:21AM

I am quite happy with the way you are doing things. I hope for the sake of the group that we can get something started before too many people drop out. For myself the sooner we do this the better, I could literally start tomorrow if needed. So I hope we can get to work soon :)


Thomas A. Anderson Tue 8 Oct 2013 2:31AM

from what I am seeing you are preparing for the future, by putting this into place before it is even needed in case it might be needed in the future.