Tue 4 Sep 2018 9:32AM

September meetup

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Now that many people who were absent over the summer are now returning, it seems there is enough interest to gather a small meet-up. The most convenient date for everyone seems to be Monday September 24th.

Update: I've booked ShrubCoop's meeting space at 17 Guthrie Street, from 6pm - 9pm.

Topic also to-be-confirmed, but see my comment below. Also, the list of suggestions here.


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Who can make it to a meetup this September? Closed Fri 7 Sep 2018 9:03AM

by Nick S Fri 7 Sep 2018 9:56AM

Looks like Monday 24th September is the best case, as I suspected.

Thanks to everyone who contributed.

For now I just want to see if there's any interest. Feel free also to add any constraints you have as a comment.


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Penny Travlou
Tue 4 Sep 2018 9:40AM

I will be though away from 25 to 28 September


Simon Grant
Tue 4 Sep 2018 9:44AM

Being based in Lancaster, for me this would depend much on the timing.


Chris Cook
Tue 4 Sep 2018 9:50AM

After 23rd for me


David Mynors
Tue 4 Sep 2018 10:06AM

I should be available pretty consistently with a few, sporadic, exceptions


Nick S
Thu 6 Sep 2018 10:27AM

I can't do Tuesdays or Thursdays


Elspeth Tue 4 Sep 2018 10:31AM

I am in Edinburg 14 - 28 September, otherwise not available


Nick S Thu 6 Sep 2018 10:29AM

So far it's looking like Monday September the 24th is the single best date...


Simon Grant Thu 6 Sep 2018 10:46AM

Last train back for me leaves 20:14 from Edinburgh (to Lancaster) -- would that work?


Nick S Thu 6 Sep 2018 11:49AM

Previous meetings started 6ish, which would give you a couple of hours. Seems like a bit of a marathon for you! But as it's a Monday, I wouldn't be working and could meet you earlier?


Simon Grant Thu 6 Sep 2018 3:43PM

Sounds good! If you let me know when we are definite about the day, I can get a cheapish non-refundable rail ticket. Perhaps negotiate off list about timing etc.


Elspeth Thu 6 Sep 2018 10:58AM

Monday 24th sounds OK for me


Nick S Thu 13 Sep 2018 11:28AM

Ok, I'm going with September 24th, and will look into a place to meet - I'll probably ask the Shrub if we can use their space on Guthrie Street, unless anyone has another preference. (See the "venues" thread.)

As for topic, if anyone would like to suggest anything, either one of the ones on our list already, or a new one, that'd be welcome (and I'll try and keep the info in header up-to date.)

I was wondering if by default we might just discuss what we want from the group and what/how to organise future meet-ups.

But also we will (or may, fingers crossed) have notable visitors Simon (@asimong) from Lancaster and Chris (@chriscook1 ) from Linlithgow, which might be a chance for us to ask them about their areas of expertise.

Simon is (paraphrasing his web page) interested in non-hierarchical/cooperative governance, and involved with the P2P Foundation/Commons Transition group elsewhere here on Loomio.

Chris is (it says here) is a fellow at UCL's Centre for Strategy, Resilience, and Security with a interest in P2P/alternative finance.

And of course there will be three of us (myself, Simon and David) who have have first-hand experience of the governance of social.coop, an experiment in cooperatively-managed social media, which recently has been going through a bit of a crisis of community resulting in a bunch of resignations and general mayhem...


Simon Grant Thu 13 Sep 2018 4:17PM

Thanks Nick I look forward to meeting everyone. Chris I've met three times before, but always good to talk more with! I'll be around much of the day, as it was a great opportunity to spend more time with you, and also cheaper train ticket ;)


Tao Mon 17 Sep 2018 1:01PM

Thanks a lot for organising this! I'll be there and look forward to meeting you all :)


Simon Grant Mon 17 Sep 2018 3:12PM

Is it going to be the Shrub, then, Nick? I note on their web site that they aren't open on Mondays at all for normal business -- can you or anyone suggest somewhere cosy to sit and work -- at least silently, but ideally also to participate in a call from 11 to 12 (not absolutely vital)? Doesn't even have to have wifi.


Nick S Mon 17 Sep 2018 5:08PM

Simon, I'll be able to rendezvous with you next Monday morning, say from 11ish onwards if that helps. As a member, I can get you into Edinburgh Hacklab, which south central Edinburgh in Summerhall, has desks, power, wifi, and should be fairly quiet during the day. There are many other options, but I can advise off-thread.


Nick S Mon 17 Sep 2018 4:57PM

So, my email to the Shrub last week was sadly was unreturned - I hear they're super busy, it being freshers week. Anyway, I rang just now and managed to speak to someone and get the reservation scheduled for 6pm - 9pm, I just need to turn up a bit early and get the key.

This is in 17 Guthrie Street, so the door uphill of the old swapshop (the swapshop has moved to Bread Street). There should be space for about 15 people I'm told, and there's a projector.


Simon Grant Tue 25 Sep 2018 7:51AM

Hi Nick, Nick, Tao, David, Luke, good to meet you all yesterday.

A couple of links to a few of the many things discussed last night:

I wondered if it might be helpful to have a page (wiki page?) somewhere as a reference point for P2P Scotland? If we wrote posts or reports it would be more than one page, I wasn't thinking of that, and anyway we all post in other places -- I was thinking just of a list of the people who would like to be listed as interested, or identify publicly as "members" in some way not formally defined, and a list of useful links for learning more about the matters that we share an interest in. That's where the links above would go...

As for me, I would say something about the things that connect me specifically with P2P Scotland: my Scottish roots, surname, and connections; and my P2P interests. Maybe the interests shared with other members?

And the Hacklab is awesome, with great people!


Nick S Sun 7 Oct 2018 12:32PM

Possibly we could have a page or category on the P2PF's wiki? That seems the simplest thing do do, and arguably appropriate, although I'm not sure what the P2PF people would think.