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Deep Adaptation

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I have recently heard about Deep Adaptation - the idea that we are now beyond remediating climate change and the job now is to learn to adapt to the collapse that is coming: https://blog.p2pfoundation.net/deep-adaptation-a-map-for-navigating-climate-tragedy/2018/08/13 I'd like to talk about this with others who are interested and wondering if we could make a time to do that, maybe by zoom if anyone has an account? All the best, Patricia


Christine Wamsler Tue 6 Nov 2018 11:45AM

I would be definitively interested! :)


Michael Kimball Tue 6 Nov 2018 2:48PM

Hi Patricia,

This theme is very interesting to me and I would enjoy an opportunity to talk with others about it. I’m a bit pressed for time right now, though, so it’s probably best for me to get involved in a few weeks, if that’s possible given others’



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Vincenzo Giorgino Tue 6 Nov 2018 4:00PM

yes, it is definitively interesting and the last month the same author gave a keynote speech at the UNISRD connecting the need for a deep change in mindset with the distributed ledger technologies and cryptocurrencies to watch the video: http://www.b4sd.net/
to read the text: http://iflas.blogspot.com/2018/10/keynote-at-un-on-blockchains-transcript.html
I apologize but I cannot participate to the discussion until after the next two weeks.


Patricia Morgan Wed 7 Nov 2018 9:55PM

Hi Enzo, @vincenzogiorgino I saw a message from you in my email but can't see it here in this thread. The friend I mentioned is from Sydney - Annette who runs the community currency LETS Sydney, we work together on the Sharing Map Sydney: https://thesharingmap.com.au/
Thanks for the invitation I'd be happy to help on the wiseandsmartcities.eu If you can let me know when you have moved it to a commons and it is ready for people to add to it. Also being a digital immigrant if you can let me know how to use it. I'm also really interested in conferences and gathering related to the New Economy/the Commons, P-2-P etc if you know of any? I think it is important to attend and introduce the "inner dimensions of the new economy"/the contemplative commons: https://www.neweconomy.org.au/nena-hubs/inner-dimensions-and-healthy-cultures/ If its easier you're welcome to contact me on: [email protected] Kindest Regards, Patricia


Patricia Morgan Tue 6 Nov 2018 9:31PM

Hi Everyone @christinewamsler @vincenzogiorgino @michaelkimball (and anyone else who is interested) I'm happy to wait for a couple of weeks and maybe also wait for another day or so to see if anyone else wants to join and then I can send out a time poll - hopefully not too tricky as we are all in different parts of the world! In the mean time you may like to look at Jem Bendel's website there are a number of interesting blog posts such as this one: https://jembendell.wordpress.com/2018/08/25/after-acceptance-some-responses-to-anticipating-collapse/ One of the things I find interesting about his work in this area is that some of the suggested responses relate to our emotional/subjective/inner lives.

Thanks Enzo for posting the links to his presentation on cryptocurriencies that looks interesting. I was first made aware of his work by a friend who has worked with him on community currencies. Looking forward to connecting soon. Kind Regards, Patricia


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It could be good to first read the article on Deep Adaptation and then have an open circle discussion about our feelings and impressions and responses. Please feel free to suggest another approach to the meeting


Tue 20 Nov 2018  8:00PM

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Michael Kimball Wed 7 Nov 2018 9:44PM

I could meet after 12:30 and before 1:30 pm on the 20th.


Rachel Lilley Thu 8 Nov 2018 5:14PM

Tue 20 Nov 2018 8:00PM

focussing on writing at the moment, but like the conversation and will come if I can!


Vincenzo Giorgino Sun 18 Nov 2018 4:52PM

At 9pm (Rome time) I am on the way home.


Patricia Morgan Wed 7 Nov 2018 9:45PM

Hi Everyone @vincenzogiorgino @michaelkimball @christinewamsler I just started a time poll for a meeting in 2 weeks either the 21st or 22nd of November, I don't know how to add times so only put one time 7am (Sydney time) but as there are only 4 of us please feel free to add days and times. I can do pretty much any time from 7am - 10pm) on Wednesday the 21st, and from 7am to 4pm on Thursday the 22nd, or any time on Friday the 23rd. If you can get back by Sunday the 11th of November that would be great. By the way does anyone have a zoom account? All the best, Patricia

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