Sat 21 Oct 2023 11:38AM

Road names being changed by OpenStreetMap

C Clothahump Public Seen by 49

Why are there so many mistakes on open street map? it is confusing and local authorities are pushing through road closures with those mistakes on them. From 337747, 106279 To 337798, 106055 is Wynards Lane, not Court street as you have it named, we are losing our heritage rapidly, please correct this and cease changing road names.


Robert Whittaker Sun 22 Oct 2023 7:52AM

This is https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/131723831 , which has now been corrected (presumably as a result of someone seeing this post). OSM is almost entirely volunteer run, and we do our best. All maps are likely to contain error. The great thing about OSM is that you can sign up for an account and then you're able to fix anything that's wrong yourself!

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