Social media campaigns

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Avery McNair Wed 31 Mar 2021 7:55PM

Hey OASIS committee, Im working on creating a weekly social media campaign for OASIS that will go to our platforms every Wednesday (#OASISwednesday ???) - I have the first draft for next week and then three others in the works too (food security in st james town, 17 sustainable development goals x2). As this committee has many young and hopefully social media savvy folk, I was hoping that others could take the basic design I've created (on Canva account, which I can provide) and create more posts by using content in the feasibility study that interests you. For example, the next one I have in mind is on food security, by essentially copying and pasting content in feasibility study. There is so much in the feasibility study that can be slowly turned into user-friendly content!

Ps. would appreciate thoughts on this one!


josephine grey Thu 1 Apr 2021 1:17AM

wonderful! thank you Avery!


Becca Schmidtke Thu 1 Apr 2021 8:14PM

This looks awesome Avery! Thanks for working on this, happy to help with future posts!


Azikee Fri 2 Apr 2021 12:11PM

nice work Avery


Erica May / EM Mon 5 Apr 2021 5:20PM

this looks amazing avery!!