Thu 31 Oct 2019 8:45PM

Council "During the Day" - Catering

TB Tim B. Public Seen by 132

This is to discuss the catering options. Last time we had the catering from the french embassy. I think it was great but it's also costly. I would go with them or organise a better food delivery service for both days with similar service. I think full catering for both days (without dinner) is a must to ensure people feel cared for and enjoy the event.


Tim B. Thu 31 Oct 2019 8:47PM

One of my hobbies is cooking - thinking more about food. I actually would like to explore the space of high quality food delivery and could imagine using the council as a platform to show off the work I plan to do between December and January which I plan to focus on how to cook amazing food without animal proteins and without sugar. I have connections to several cooks and worked in the gastronome so I feel comfortable to be able to delivery something special.