Fri 15 Apr 2016 7:25PM


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The team of summit 8 would like to share with you a final note concerning our last summit, so that you find everything you may need or would like to know !

If you missed the recap article about what happened in february, you can find it here

If we trust your answers, it seemed the last edition was a good one!
We got 22 answers (and 17 from connectors) over 33 participants, which make our results quite representative. For more than 90% of people coming, the summit met their expectation very well or extremely well.
Concerning the people who didn’t come, we cannot really draw conclusion from the answers as we had only 5 answers. It seems the main reason these people didn’t come is that they were too busy (work or else). What a surprise ;-)

So, what maked this summit a good summit ?
The following aspects have been quoted a lot :
+ Allowing great connections between great peoples
+ A good organisation and a great hosting team
+ In an amazing venue
+ And a balanced program with a mix of productive barcamps, connecting and speaking of tensions, and facilitators making it smooth

Where can we improve for the next one ?
What everyone points out is the lenght of it, and similar propositions are made. It consists of
+ 3 core days focused on strategy and things we need to work or experience all together
+ Then optional flexi-days for people to relax, work on projects, do some activities…

All the other recommendations are really valuable as well, but only concern one or 2 persons each time.
Still, documentation of what’s happening in the summit is as well something to work on for next time.

If you want to read the results in more details, go there

The dedicated team took some time to complete this document, to help other teams to organize great summits and learn from our success and mistakes. Hope it’s helpfull!
We also took time to do a team retrospective, to learn on how we worked together. All the secret ingredients we used to make a special summit are here. Some thinking on how to be even better involve deciding as soon as possible when will be the next summit, and ask people to commit sooner to go there. There’s a lot more, but it’s more aimed to team willing to organise a similar event!

We’ll see each other in romania :-)


Esra Tat Sat 16 Apr 2016 9:13AM

Thanks Maud - and all the organisation team - for this retrospective, and documenting it!


Thomas Dönnebrink Sun 17 Apr 2016 8:48AM

Thanks Maud for taking the lead here in creating this recap and documentation and suggestion for next summits in particular and your lead in the OuiShareSummit#8 programme team in general :).


Carlos G. de Juan Sun 17 Apr 2016 11:02PM

Good job! Thanks :)


Katia Morales Gaitán Thu 21 Apr 2016 1:26AM

Thanks! this is super useful!