Wed 17 Jan 2018 4:39AM

Other social media

AN Alli Nilles Public Seen by 321

What other social media do y'all frequent or are interested in?

Personally, I am on twitter as alexandroid0, feel free to follow and I follow some cool co-op people too.

From that, I have learned about things like Social.coop, which is a Mastodon instance run by a co-op: https://medium.com/open-collective/social-coop-a-cooperative-decentralized-social-network-c10980c9ed91

They use Open Collective, a cool way to collectively manage finances: https://opencollective.com/

There is also ScuttleButt, which is very peer-to-peer oriented, can work over mesh networks as well as the regular "internet": https://staltz.com/an-off-grid-social-network.html

I'm not on Social.coop or ScuttleButt, but have been thinking about it.


Jimmy Coyer Fri 19 Jan 2018 3:13PM

I subscribe to the /r/cooperative subreddit. It's not huge, and is mostly articles, but I find some useful resources which I'll forward to housemates / peers.

Interested in open collective and the mastodon instance! I've applied to the latter, and am excited to see what the community is like.


Alli Nilles Fri 19 Jan 2018 6:48PM

Oh yeah, there's also some good stuff on /r/socialistprogrammers sometimes!


Evan Crook Fri 19 Jan 2018 7:53PM

whoah thanks for showing me OpenCollective, that's pretty cool! It's not quite suitable to our co-op (I'm really more looking for an opensource alternative to QuickBooks with more transparency) but it is open source so maybe it could be a starting point to build something like that off of. also I'd never heard of r/socialistprogrammers that's rad