Fri 6 Feb 2015 1:52PM


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On the subject of naming, Adam said in the rippleusers thread, Ripplepay Remake:
> the "Ripplepay" name is owned by Ripple Labs (is that what you said, Ryan?) so we can't call it Ripplepay 2, much though I would like to. Coming up with great names isn't one of my skills. In my notes this project is called "IOU trade network". The ideal name would be short, easy to say and verbable. Among my friends when one owes money to another, they say "I'll ripple you" or "I'll ripple it to you". "I'll IOU trade network you" doesn't really roll of the tongue.

Alessio said:
> A new name is a priority right now

Adam assigned the temporary name "Wuush".

In the Meta thread, Giovanni said:
> wuush.com is taken, so maybe we should choose a name that has .com domain available. Does “Wuush” have any meaning behind it, or is it just a word? “IOUsh” is ugly, but could work (worse is better), ioush.com is available.


Harper Fri 6 Feb 2015 2:01PM

I played with words with meanings related to ripple:
splash (already a thing related to payments); splish (sounds silly), splosh (that's a type of porn I think); woosh/whoosh made me think of the way it's designed (or I think it should be designed) to maximise liquidity, so instead of a mere ripple, it's a rush of massive payments pouring everywhere. "woosh" has so many trademarks related to it and is a common word, swapping out the "o"s for "u"s made it more unique, but apparently not unique enough.

I was going to call it IOUTN (IOU trade network), but that's hideous to say. IOUsh isn't much better.


Mario G. Gurgel Sat 21 Feb 2015 12:19PM

I'm thinking about the word "share". Share means you can "invest" your money through this thing, and also means that you are participating in a network, sharing what is yours with other people and so helping them.

But, as "share" is popular today, we could never grab the domain "share.com", for example. But being more specific we can get very good names, for example:


I don't know.


Dani'el Levity Thu 26 Feb 2015 11:31PM

I like credit.sh/