Sat 12 May 2018 9:10PM

Meeting today

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Reminder that the preVH team is meeting today (May 12-13). For event details, see the calendar at http://nvc-global.net/calendar-public/


Julie Sun 13 May 2018 3:45AM

I am so sorry, all, I'm not going to be at the meeting today. I've been struggling with depression for the last week, as well as some personal issues going on. I'm feeling a lot of shame and despair around that - about not having been able to do the work I'd promised to do this week with the website, and about not being in a space to be able to attend the meeting today. I'm needing some self-connection and self-care.

My request is that you let me know if my lack of attendance today causes issues. I have a long-held fear about not being able to commit to long term projects because of my intermittent depression - these days it doesn't usually last too long (a week or two at most). I hope to see you all next week.

love to all,
Julie xx