OASIS Fight for Space: Timeline and receipts

EME Erica May / EM Public Seen by 13

Hi everyone!

We're due for another OASIS meeting so keep an eye out for the next poll we share for that

In the meantime, where the OASIS is at: an impasse with the city

As I understand it:

  • We have support from Wong-Tam to place our shipping container

  • We have $20000 pledged from Wong-Tam to purchase a shipping container

  • We have support from John Tory's office to place our shipping container

  • We HAD support from TCHC.... but now they're pushing back

I started a document to outline some of these milestones and collect receipts and communications.

Please add any points and if you have any emails or other forms of evidence, send them my way or put them in the doc



josephine grey Wed 18 Aug 2021 5:07PM

Please do read the history of oasis piece and we can ask Roxy (and Nancy who started the St J cafe) to help with more recent history for this short form, some of the dates and details are a bit fuzzy for me.... I have ptsd and am finding it difficult to pin down how many times OASIS has been derailed because it hurts...

For a Better World Always,

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We are grateful to be in this community and on these
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We respect their elders and descendants and seek to honour the Great Law of Peace & the Dish With One Spoon Wampum Belt Covenant between allied peoples; to peaceably
share and responsibly care for the resources of the
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Erica May / EM Tue 31 Aug 2021 9:31PM

Ahead of the OASIS meeting, here's some important background (feel free to add more)

Where we’re at:

  • OASIS Feasibility study done, architectural artist renderings done

  • Key structure: outdoor pool - unused for 2 years, formerly TCHC property (a pool amenity for TCHC residents) recently purchased by Toronto Parks

    • Plans to destroy the pool to create a park

    • Underlying goal of the park is to hit a greenspace quota for the encroaching condo developments

  • Support from numerous political candidates to place shipping container by the pool

  • TCHC the major obstacle to placing shipping container

    • New CEO, potential for a new relationship

What do we need?

  • Create roles for people to easily get involved

  • Come up with a strategy 

  • Awareness for residents