Tue 5 Feb 2019 10:05PM

Backup keycard with James William across the street

J Jerone Public Seen by 11

Hey all! So our dear friend James, longtime prime produce community member, Prime Produce Limited Treasurer, Lady Luck 2017 waitstaff, Olympic Silver medalist, Slavic studies/semiconductor industry expert, and funky dance move enthusiast, has recently become our neighbor!!! He now lives on the 2nd floor of the apartment building just across the street, right next to the Botanica by 9th ave. He alleges the move was because of proximity to his office (he's a research analyst at AB Bernstein), but obviously he just wants to be closer to me and I'm OK with this.

I'd like to propose that we give James an access card so that, in the event that it's late at night and someone's card isn't working -- they could call him and grab the spare card (and then return it). Additionally, we could ask James to pop over to turn off a space heater or feed the tortoise. James has helped me care for Eshu, Hanunah, and Jabuti in my apartment many times when I've been out of town; I've known him since I was 17 years old and I trust and vouch for him completely.

He's accessible on slack and/or whatsapp if anyone wants to say hello or chat with him. I've already run this by him and he's agreeable to it. I told him that, in return, he could periodically come in to use our internet and/or also that I would leave him meals in our fridge. (I've cooked for James since we were in college).

What do we think?


Poll Created Tue 5 Feb 2019 10:07PM

Give trusted community member / neighbor, James Williams, a spare key card... Closed Tue 12 Feb 2019 10:03PM

For emergency access / be local eyes or ears or extra hands when none of us can be here / get James to visit more often?


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Rosalind Zavras
Tue 5 Feb 2019 10:13PM

James is a wonderful person and great member of the community. It would definitely help alleviate stress to know someone close by can pop in if emergency happens.


Saks Afridi Tue 5 Feb 2019 11:08PM

Good idea and fine by me. You had me at Olympic silver medalist and Slavic Semiconductor Industry Expert.