Fri 19 Jul 2019 11:01AM

Sheffield Grassroots Community Fund Idea

LD Louise Delmege Public Seen by 146

This idea is not strictly related to hours, but it shares some of the same principles so I thought I'd run it by you guys.

I floated an idea at Stir to Action about creating a local grassroots fund. This would be a way for people to support grassroots projects in Sheffield in general, rather than one specifically. It would also allow projects to support one another, better collaboration, and community controll over funding.

How it would work:
1) members of the public donate to a central fund (probably held by crowdfunder which apparently has this functionality already)
2) members of local grassroots projects support the fund by offering incentives, like free tickets, meals, bread, discounts e.t.c
3) Every 3 months (or however long it takes for the fund to build up) members of all the projects involved meet to decide how to spend the money. Decisions are made by concensus (if the group is 10 or less), by consent (if 10-50), and mandate (if 50 or more)

Added advantages:
- Stronger communication and collaboration bwteeen different projects
- Investment in Sheffield's scene as a whole will generate a stronger Sheffield spirit
- Collaborating to market the fund will mean greater awareness raised for all projects involved.
- The fund will be controlled by the recepients rather than outside funding bodies
- we can give funds to the most urgently in need groups, rather than competing for outside funding.

Step 1 of making is happen is for me to contact local groups to gage their interest, step 2 is discussing how it would practically function with crowdfunder, who are already keen to support it.