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A highly profitable solution to poverty, politics, and existential crisis.

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I want to share with you a completely voluntary, highly profitable, non-government, free market place solution to reduce poverty. The hOEP Project (hOurs Equals Price)is a crowdsourced public domain collection of research into the behavioral economics of shopping and purchasing. You are invited to discover value, invest time, and benefit freely with your good intentions.

In the USA today, poor and deserving and wonderful people currently receive 500 billion dollars of price discounts annually. Retailers participate voluntarily and offer price discounts for higher volume sales at lower profit markup for their most price sensitive customers and valuable customers. Customers participate for price discounts. Seniors and students can get price discounts with their government or School ID card for verification. Some of the 500 Billion dollars of price discounts is offered in coupons and through wholesale clubs or price clubs like the American Auto Association, or Association of Retired Citizens. Credit cards offer discount prices to their regular and preferred customers at different levels with different terms of sale and protections. Customer loyalty discounts account for a large amount of the 500 Billion dollars in price discounts. Most price discounting for poor people is offered in the form of debt and loan amount reductions and defaults and require complex conditions are met and tax records for verification. Currently, Amazon Prime is profitably offered at half price to poor people who qualify with an EBT card or other proof of low ability to pay and high price sensitivity. The local farmers market offers a $5/day maximum price discount of 50% to only poor people purchasing market tokens with an EBT card. Farmers market low income price discounts make profit for the whole farmers market, while also feeding more poor people with more food at the same time. Farmers market prices have gone up as predicted and sellers are making more profit in their free market place by giving poor people more price discounts.

The general conclusion is that sellers can make more profit and reduce inequality at the same time with a more efficient and convenient universally distributed discount coupon and price tag system that lets sellers raise their markup on all customers using the regular dollar price and then lower their markup for the poor and deserving and wonderful people in proportion to how wonderful, deserving, or poor they are, as verified with a hOEP compatible Universal Discount Price Card.

Annual Retail sales in the USA account for 7 Trillion dollars in transfer payments at cash registers with 2 Trillion profit at 30% price markup. The practice of price discounting makes sellers profit over fixed status quo pricing, but discount sales are limited to 500 Billion dollars reduction to inequality and 350 Billion dollars in profit in our economy because of inconvenience at the cash register when purchasing most items. Perfectly Efficient and convenient price discounting technology could produce in the USA, a projected annual reduction to inequality of 3.5 Trillion dollars in price discounts offered to poor and wonderful people. Sellers would earn an additional 2 Trillion dollars in profit by raising their prices on all to 12.5 Trillion dollars in transfer payments at cash register while giving 5.5 Trillion dollars of price discounts in aggregate in the USA every year. In the richest half of the customer distribution, prices would rise and sellers would make 250% more profit markup on sales with decrease of 5% total sales volume. In the poor half of the customer distribution curve, prices would fall but sellers total profit would increase 5% due to 150% higher volume sales at lower profit markup as low as 1%.

In 2 hours we will teach you a new kind of consumer economics that can solve poverty and politics and existential crisis. Google "The hOEP Project" to learn more and we will help all of you.

If you buy things, then we will teach you how to get more for your money, your time, and your values. If you sell things, then we will teach you how to make more profit by loving poor and wonderful people more. If you are worried about the economy and inequality, then we have a solution. If you are worried about robots taking away your job or collapse of economy, or political revolution, or healthcare costs, or Universal Basic Income, or housing scarcity, or ecosystem devastation, or earthly cataclysm, or existential crisis or anything at all, then don’t panic yet because we have a completely voluntary, highly profitable solution plan for you to consider or contribute towards or profit from that we think might reduce any panic or anxiety and bring hope in your future soon.


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I'm happy to make contact with people interested in fair pricing, thank you for coming I've sent you a mail via loomio contact :)