Fri 3 Oct 2014 7:05AM

Blurb: why students should care

JB Jacob Bloom Public Seen by 11

Why Students should care:

Students are getting charged more and more money for a worse and worse education, and there are no jobs for them after they graduate. If students want to relinquish their debts and not enter indentured servitude, they need to start organizing and base building. They must be wary of student government, for it is an arm of the student affairs administration and the chancellor’s office, serving as one of the main catalysts for the neo-liberal privatization of our universities. Administrations create programs and organizations to organize students, where they engineer social circles, scope students out, and introduce rhetoric. They claim these organizations are student led causes, but are usually ran by a paid position that answers directly to an administrator. Fueled by the narrative of hierarchy and neo-liberal homogenization from the administrations, these organizations dominate student governments; dictate the usage of student fees, directly undermine the efforts of grassroots student organizers, and kill any potential for student movement building.