Fri 10 Aug 2018 11:47AM

Project Manager & Senior Dev, in Blockchain + Commons Research Project @Madrid

DL David Llop Public Seen by 84

We want to build a new type of Collaborative Economy organizations, which are decentralized, democratic and economically sustainable. Would you like to join us?

P2P Models, a 5-year 1.5M€ research project, is hiring:
- a Project/Communication Manager
- a Senior Blockchain Developer

They will join an interdisciplinary team in Madrid, doing research & building tools with social impact

Tweet thread:

Working at P2P Models is an opportunity to collaborate with people passionate to create social impact, in an environment which mixes academics, hackers, designers and activists. We do research on commons-oriented communities, and build blockchain-driven frameworks and tools to support their sustainability.

More info:

  • Funded by the largest EU individual research grant, the ERC, and the first to build blockchain infrastructure
  • With Principal Investigator and advisors from Berkman Klein Center at Harvard University, such as Yochai Benkler or Primavera De Filippi
  • Dynamic, young, interdisciplinary team with a horizontal and inclusive culture
  • Combines social research + software tool building, focusing on social impact
  • Attractive work conditions and perks, with multiple benefits

Feel free to write any question/doubt to [email protected] including in the subject “Open position”. The positions are meant to start in Fall, so applicants are encouraged to submit asap.


Alexandre Bourlier Fri 10 Aug 2018 1:47PM


We are actually trying to build something very similar via Happy Dev (horizontal network of freelancers) and Startin'blox (editor of open-source collaborative and interconnected tools).

I don't know how we could help but... I would love to meet :-)


Pamela John (Progressive Coders Network) Fri 10 Aug 2018 2:46PM

This is AMAZING! Will share within our Network!


Christophe Parot Fri 10 Aug 2018 3:30PM

Hello David,
I am too working on a network of organizations called Ventureo. I have designed a specific cryptocurrency for all the members of the network and I would be glad to offer 100,000 Ventureo as an initial funding for P2Pmodels.
More info http://ventureo.frama.wiki


mike_hales Sun 12 Aug 2018 9:08AM

Lovely stuff, well done for getting funded. If I were 20 years younger and had Spanish !!) I'd be after the project manager post! Great to see participation of Berkman Klein and Commons Strategies Group. And strong cultural research/facilitation orientation alongside tech dev. Is there room for Holo- as well as Block-chain - a more intrinsically cultural-evolutionary dynamic?


David Llop Sun 12 Aug 2018 12:00PM

@alexandrebourlier1 Let's meet then! When we get back from holidays on September we could have a videocall.
@progcodepj Thank you very much. Help on dissemination is really appreciated!
@christopheparot1 We are not interested on collecting external tokens right now, but thanks for the offer anyway.
@mikeh8 Yes, we are studying in which use cases holochain could be a good fit in our project.


Danyl Strype Wed 29 Aug 2018 6:00PM

I don't speak Spanish and I'm not in a position to change countries right now, or I would be keen on the project manager job too. Will definitely watch with interest, and please make sure someone from the team stays engaged here. Inter-operation between all the software systems that open tech teams are working on benefits us all.