Fri 15 Nov 2019 6:07PM

Replicate Loomio blogs on the fediverse

DS Danyl Strype Public Seen by 346

An ActivityPub enabled blog publishing tool like Plume could be used to allow Loomio blog posts to be followed by users of fediverse apps like Mastodon, Pleroma, and Friendica.


Rob Guthrie Fri 15 Nov 2019 6:13PM

Sorry to everyone who was notified about this. It seems that there is a bug that allowed Strypey to notify everyone, although the setting is that people may not do this.


Danyl Strype Fri 15 Nov 2019 6:19PM

My apologies. I would have preferred not to notify anyone, but I seemed to be unable to start the thread without doing so. FYI trying to process all the notifications seemed to create some serious problems for the Loomio software (see attached screenshot). Perhaps This is because of the huge number of people in this group? Which I'm guessing this is why the group is meant to be set are to not to allow notifications.


Rob Guthrie Fri 15 Nov 2019 6:21PM

You can start a thread without notifying everyone. You just close the window.


Danyl Strype Fri 15 Nov 2019 6:21PM

That's not at all clear from the UI. If sending notifications is optional, it would be good to have two buttons on the thread creation box, one for 'submit', and one for 'notify users' or somesuch.


Dan Fri 15 Nov 2019 6:25PM

I mean yes I would like to be in


Rob Guthrie Fri 15 Nov 2019 8:06PM

I've now fixed the bug that allowed you to notify people in this group.


Danyl Strype Tue 19 Nov 2019 3:27AM

Cool. I've commented on the other bug that seems to be affecting that notification system in the Loomio 2.0 bug reporting thread.


Danyl Strype Fri 15 Nov 2019 6:15PM

I note that Loomio blog posts are replicated at Medium.com. That's understandable, it's a popular platform and a good place to get your articles in front of a readership who might not find find them at blog.loomio.org, or remember to check in there for new ones. Another place to find readers who are especially likely to be interested in the sorts of subjects folks write about on the Loomio blog, is the fediverse. It would be great to be able to follow the Loomio blog from my Mastodon or Friendica account, boost posts to bring them to the attention of other users who follow my feed etc. There are a number of federated blogging tools, any one of which could be deployed to accomplish this, either by co-publishing the blog pieces on a hosted instance, as you do with Medium, or perhaps feeding blog.loomio.org directly into the fediverse, as the Pterotype plugin does for Wordpress instances.


Dan Fri 15 Nov 2019 6:21PM

I am in


Danyl Strype Sun 17 Nov 2019 6:58AM

Hi @Dan could you clarify what you mean by "I would like to be in"? Are you saying you would like to follow the Loomio blog from the fediverse? Are you volunteering to set something up to make that possible? Something else?


Dan Sun 17 Nov 2019 8:27AM

I seem to be out of my depth in this conversation so let's just say bye for now x


Danyl Strype Thu 21 Nov 2019 7:11AM

Hi Dan, sorry if those questions came across as an interrogation (although I do want to know where you were on the night of the 25th 😂). I was hoping to bring you into the conversation, not drive you away. Is there anything you could ask me about the topic that might help you find your depth here?


Dan Thu 21 Nov 2019 7:16AM

The 25th! I dunno guvnor - who said something!?

Seriously though I think it was helpful to realise that I don't understand but that doesn't mean I want to 🙂. Let's just leave it there for now.

Best wishes



Danyl Strype Thu 21 Nov 2019 7:42AM

Fair enough 😊