Mon 11 May 2020 12:24PM

Opportunity with regard to online conferences

PR Pete Rowley Public Seen by 82

With the online EGU out of the way and various other conferences coming up, one of the things I've come across with chats from people is that the online conference formats are not very good at preserving comments and feedback on presentations and posters.

I wondered if there is an opportunity here for EarthArXiv to step in and fill a gap? Given that the format and intention of this platform is to capture exactly these kinds of comments and discussions is this something we should pursue bringing up with organising committees and society groups?

Lots of logistical issues to consider, but might be worth thinking about?


Christopher Jackson Tue 12 May 2020 7:48PM

Hi @Pete Rowley! This is a good suggestion, but we don't accept conference presentations or posters, a decision we made when we initially started. ESSOAr, by AGU, is the logical option, as they accept these types of outputs AND assign DOIs. EGUSphere also accepts these types of things too, although I am not sure if DOIs are assigned. Maybe someone else knows?


David Wed 13 May 2020 7:43AM

Uploads in EGUSphere have DOIs, indeed, and if it's attached to an EGU abstract (as for the recently passed shareEGU20, then the same DOI for abstract and so-called ""Display")


Pete Rowley Wed 13 May 2020 8:14AM

Thanks both - I was vaguely aware that the decision had been made not to host conference abstracts, I just wondered that if we are moving to a future where more of these things are happening online if that is a discussion worth re-opening.

Fair enough if that's not the case. I was not aware of the ESSOAr system - I'll give it a look, thanks.


brandon Tue 12 May 2020 8:59PM

There's always Zenodo and Figshare. There are others, but these two in particular are persistent and stable (to the best of my knowledge).


Bruce Caron Wed 13 May 2020 2:09PM

For all members here... this is the right place and the right way to bring in new ideas for EarthArXiv. One of the reasons we got into this endeavor is to solve problems for Earth science research sharing. We are not limited to what we are doing now (and certainly not limited to copy how journals have done this for decades), and we do want to imagine and consider new potentials for getting research objects to the whole community. We also run this with volunteers, so everything new is also new work :-).


Christopher Jackson Thu 14 May 2020 6:33PM

Truth. Together, we're stronger!