Thu 9 Dec 2021 8:58AM

Creating compost at Loveland

F Finn Public Seen by 14

This won't be another sub-group, but it requires some planning and teamwork to get systems in place, so if you're keen about getting loveland to produce lots of delicious black compost, keep reading! 

Me and Sam Dymond are keen. We'd like good proper composting systems, more sources of materials, and we want to start encouraging people to bring their own waste up to the land. 

I've added a google drive folder to the LL drive which has a file that outlines our current sources of compostable material and the systems for composting we have, but more importantly, it outlines the potential sources and systems we could utilise. There is also a design for a laminated sign/poster that we can pin onto the compost bays to inform, educate and encourage visitors/volunteers about composting, only one poster is designed, a second needs doing.

If you want to help out, please let me know!

Composting Google Folder: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/12HD9F2foyd3r5NVLjer74MWi0kKM3CAi?usp=sharing


Finn Thu 9 Dec 2021 9:04AM

Origin Cafe are happy to give us all their coffee grounds! Yesterday (08/12) me and Sam gave them a bin to fill up weekly. We have said we can collect the bin on saturday mornings on our way up to Loveland.

If you have a vehicle and are willing to help out and pick up the coffee bin some saturday mornings on your way up to the land, let me know! First bin collection will be the following saturday (18th)!