Mon 23 Nov 2015 9:13AM

Communications from Working Retreats circle

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This subgroup is for communication between the WR committee and the whole CTF community. Here we can propose one thing at a time & decide when & where to hold Working Retreats and what they should be like. The WR committee will make proposals for feedback from anyone. Anyone can make alternative proposals.



Luke Flegg Mon 23 Nov 2015 9:49AM

Hey! I don't feel dampened : )
I created this sub-group because the proposal from a week or two ago (to create Loomio sub-groups for committees) was successful, so i was just carrying that out.
Is there some way you feel it could undermine (rather then support) the way we've decided to move forward?

I do wish I'd brought it up last night for anyone who didn't take part in that proposal.

What do you think i should do?


Poll Created Mon 23 Nov 2015 1:10PM

Let's hold a short Working Retreat soon, on "How we want to organise & make decisions" Closed Sun 29 Nov 2015 1:07PM

Following last nights Working Retreat meeting, we would like to make the following proposal to CTF for feedback:

CTF should organise a short Working Retreat (to happen within the next few months) built around the topic of how CTF organises itself and makes decisions, with reference to some of the structures explored in the recent Art of Hosting training.

The committee has given 6 days to hear your responses. Thank you!


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Luke Flegg
Mon 23 Nov 2015 1:12PM

I'm happy with this because I'm just itching to actually get together to be honest!
Theme makes sense & I hope the outcomes of it will make us all feel clearer on how to get really involved in a collaborative way!


Greg Madison
Mon 23 Nov 2015 4:04PM

I am convinced that this would be such a constructive topic for us to pay attention to. We recently learned a lot of stuff that could be used in CTF at the Art of Hosting event. It would be nice to share it and put it into practice before we forget!


Malek Jaber
Thu 26 Nov 2015 4:16PM

This is such an important question. Having an retreat with an open and safe environment for generative discussions on how we can collaborate together and make decisions will one of the most fundamental steps for all next generation orgs,


Luke Flegg Fri 27 Nov 2015 7:19PM

Should this proposal have been in the main "ChangeTheFuture decisions" group (13 members) or this sub-group "Working Retreats" (7 members)?
This committee is looking to involve everyone in this proposal, no? Currently only people in this sub-group can interact with it.
If others do also feel this should've been proposed in the main group (perhaps in a discussion topic called "communications from Working Retreat committee"?) then I propose we consider this current proposal valid and just improve our practice for next time! I don't think we need to do this all again?


sarah hopkins Fri 27 Nov 2015 7:30PM

I thought we had agreed to post it in the main group on here, like in the main group on facebook? I thought that's what you'd done? Because I said I didn't know how to?


Greg Madison Fri 27 Nov 2015 7:45PM

I had totally missed this. I also assumed it was in the main group. Could we just announce our mistake on the FB page and give people till Monday to respond? I think it's worth giving a few more days, though it was announced in the main group before anyway...


Luke Flegg Sun 29 Nov 2015 5:02PM

I'm really sorry! I think this may be an example of Luke trying to lead too many action points! Still, we did go out of our way to post it in the Workforce facebook group, so I feel like people got the chance to interact with it (or say if they were having any trouble!) I would love to go with this proposal and we'll make sure big proposals from this committee/circle go in the main Loomio group next time? (so proposals inside this sub-group are smaller issues which don't need to concern all of CTF)


Poll Created Wed 2 Dec 2015 8:33PM

A one-day retreat for us to 'get connected' in January in Brighton. Closed Wed 9 Dec 2015 12:07PM

Vote on a one-day 'Getting Connected Retreat' in Brighton in January. The purpose of the retreat would be to get to know each other, connect, and explore our motivations for being part of CTF. It would be, for e.g., 10-6pm with a chance for everyone who wants to, to socialise together that evening. Do you agree? (the previous Working Retreat we agreed in Loomio will now happen in February/March)


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