Wed 5 Jul 2017 6:13AM

Outcome of the public meeting, Thursday 29th June

SC Sonia Corbett Public Seen by 374

The "kickoff" meeting of NelsonNZ Cohousing was highly successful, with over 50 people present. This is a report of the meeting and the way forward:

Hello Cohousing advocates and possible future community members of NelsonNZ Cohousing Community. It's really happening!

Thanks for your participation at our kick-off meeting of NelsonNZ Cohousing. Since that meeting, we have been busy moving forward with the preparations for a specific community proposal and building plan. We are getting lots of offers of help from current Cohousing groups elsewhere but this also depends on your further participation to a great extent. We are committed to doing this in an inclusive process with you.

Teams. The way forward on that is for us to form teams to design and conceptualize our community and set up the financial basis for its fruition. In a short time, these teams will take what we have learned from other Cohousing groups and our own internal discussions back to the board. From this, the board will make a community proposal to us all that will be the best that we can present. This is where you can meet and work with your future neighbors to create your community reality,. We need your skillset, and only you know what those are; get stuck in.

So far, the three teams are 1. house and landscape design, 2. finance/legal 3.land acquisition. A board member will act as team coordinator for the meetings on these issues, but the scope and direction of the meetings will be yours. This is your new home, done in participation with your neighbors, and your equity in the home starts here. Please join one of the teams and have fun with the process. It can be satisfying to make your affordable home a reality. Contact Sonia at [email protected] with your team membership choice.

Notification of team meetings will be handled by each team coordinator and hopefully, it works for you. We will try.

Here is a questionnaire that has been formulated in by the board and is ready for your responses. Click https://form.jotform.co/71823066236859 to participate in our questionnaire. This is anonymous, unless you wish to put your name on survey. Jenny (our pitch in board assistant) will do the collating of your responses.

There will soon be a facebook page and a website. Jenny has some skills with this as well, but would really like a skilled person to help at forming and maintaining the Nelson Cohousing web outreach.

So that's the missive for now. Everything is lining up to have a great launch of the regions newest cohousing effort. Our next meeting is Thursday, July 27th at 7:30 pm at the Nelson Croquet club. We will be seeing you before that in team efforts and will contact you again as well.

regards, Jace